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A quaich is a drinking cup, originating in the Scottish Highlands. It is in the form of a wide, shallow bowl and has two or three handles projecting from the upper section and sometimes has a circular foot. Small quaiches were for individual use, while the larger, ornate variety were used for communal drinking at ceremonies. The word quaich is derived from the Gaelic word cuach, meaning cup. A porringer is a similar vessel, but usually has only a single handle.

Quartetto Tables

A nest of four small tables, made in decreasing graduated sizes so that they fit inside each other, and lightly made so they can easily be moved. (See "nest of tables")


A stylised four-circle design, itself contained within a larger circle, with Gothic origins and often seen as window designs in ecclesiastical architecture. The use of the motif was popular in Gothic Revival furniture of the 19th century.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne (1665 – 1714) ascended the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1702 until her death in 1714.

She died without surviving children and was the last monarch of the House of Stuart, with the monarchy passing to her second cousin George I, of the House of Hanover.