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Bruce Goold (1948 - ) 'Strelitzia Alba' limited edition linocut A/P, signed lower right, 50 x 42 cm

Charles Blackman (1928-) Mother Hubbard's Dog coloured etching, artists proof, signed lower right, 44 X 52 cm approx

Gracius Joseph Broinowski (1837-1913) lithographs (i). 2 Parrakeets 33 cm x 23 cm (ii). 2 Lorikeets 33 cm x 23 cm (iii). 3 Parrakeets 23 cm x 33 cm

Hand copper plate engraving flower Emanuel Sweet flower gum 1612 18 x 21

Trevor Lloyd, 'An Old Landmark Auckland' (Partington's Windmill) etching, signed and entitled., 27 x 18 cm

Trevor Lloyd, 'Portrait of a Rangatira', etching, signed. 31.5 x 18 cm

Rare hand coloured engraving of a early 1913 concept for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for the Public Works Committee signed L Davis, in the original oak frame, approx 8 cm x 32 cm

French engraving, 'Bataille De Mont-Saint-Jean, Dite De Waterloo', dated 18 June 1815

Richard hook (b.1945) Fremantle no. I 1976 Silkscreen ed. 16/20. Richard hook (b.1945) Fremantle no. I 1976 Silkscreen ed. 16/20, signed & dated lower right, 67 x 83.5 cm

Pair of Victorian etchings depicting children in farmyard playing with fowl, with mirror frames, together with a hand-coloured etching depicting fowl, rabbits and fish, and an engraving depicting a girl with a dog (4). Height 24.5 cm. Width 32 cm. Provenan

Antique French lithograph of 'Port of Brest' Avant port Miliataire et Pont Imperiale' by Robinleau, approx 38 cm x 75 cm

Louis de Sainson, 'Nataï...', hand coloured portrait lithograph, from the Atlas of the First Voyage de L'Astrolabe (Dumont D'Urville) 1827, published in Paris 1833, plate 63: Some foxing. 44 cm x 32 cm

Louis de Sainson, 'Nouvelle-Zelande' (14 Maori portraits and a study of puhoro [thigh] tattoo), three lithographs, from the Atlas of the First Voyage de L'Astrolabe (Dumont D'Urville) 1826-29, published in Paris 1833, plates 42, 54 and 57: Each 43 cm x 31

Attributed to Catherine Da Costa: Classical Scene, Dec 5, 1723, hand-touched engraving, 39.5 x 49 cm

A collection of coloured lithographs of various views of the United Kingdom, together with a black and white etching 'The Tower of London'. (Five Items) Largest 45 cm x 60 cm (5)

John Shirlow: The Courtyard 1936, etching, 22 x 36 cm

Jessie Trail: In the Shadow is St Peters 1926, etching 2/50, signed, dated, titled & editioned to margin, 13 x 5.5 cm

Leonard French: The Monument 1970, screenprint 24/25, 94 x 80 cm

John Goodchild: Solitude, etching 25/60. 20 x 25 cm

Peter Bond (b.1952). Gorge 1984 + Minimul Guide I 1985 (2), each: etching ed. AP, 31/75, each signed & dated lower right. 50 x 65 cm

Ian Pearson. Wet Sunday 1981. Silkscreen ed. 22/80. Signed lower left, dated lower right. 100 x 70 cm

Margaret Wilson (b.1939). Gilbert River 1986 + Norman river 1986 (2), each: silkscreen ed. 18/20, each: signed & dated lower right, each. 57 x 77 cm

Anne Sterling. The Reef 1988. Handcoloured linocut ed. AP. Signed & dated lower right. 46 x 54 cm

Kendal Murray. Tete 1984. Silkscreen ed. 2/18. Signed & dated lower right. 48 x 54 cm

Olga Sankey (b.1950). Perfect Flaw 1982 etching ed. 41/42. Signed & dated lower right. 43.5 x 47 cm

Roy Churcher (b1933). Still Life II 1984. Lithograph ed. A/P 4/5. Signed & dated lower right. 64 x 81 cm

Judith Hutton (act.1980s). Forest Floor 1981. Silkscreen ed. 6/30. Signed & dated lower right. 49 x 44 cm

Peter Hickey (b1943). Blue Headland I + II + III 1981 triptych etching in blue. Signed & dated lower right, each panel: 75 x 49 cm

David van Nunen (b1952). Groucho 1. Silkscreen ed. 7/40. Signed lower right. 58 x 40.5 cm

Margaret Wilson (b1939). Mooloolaba 1982 + Einasleigh 1986, each: silkscreen ed. 4/20, 7/20, each signed lower right, each: 76 x 56 cm

Trevor Riach (b1958). Southern Boundary etching ed. A/P. Signed lower right. 45 x 60.5 cm

Rick Badger (b1946). Greater Rocks 1976 + Undisturbed night 1981 (2), each: silkscreen ed. 9/12, 2/15, each: signed & dated. 57 x 76 cm, 76 x 56 cm

III/XXV. John Winch (1944-2010). Enigma Variation V 1985 + ancient game 1985 etching ed. AP + etching aquatint ed. III/XXV, each: signed & dated lower right, each: 45 x 60 cm

'Court of a Dutch House' an etching after Pieter de Hooghe

Max Ragless 'Harvest Near Mt. Remarkable, SA' aquatint, 1932, signed lower right, 36x50cm

Will Martyr travelling light Silkscreen, Ed 55/100. Will Martyr travelling light Silkscreen, Ed 55/100 signed lower right 58 x 83.5 cm

G Dawson, A dog's life Just Got Easier 2000 photo silkscreen ed. 357/500 signed & dated lower right 38.5 x 27.5 cm