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This weeks collectors topic: commemorative ware

A large boxed solid 18ct. gold plate, celebrating the silver…
A$ 19,931–22,530
Manufacturers have never been slow to exploit the commercial possibilities afforded by the tourist trade, or by events of national or even local interest, and souvenirs and commemorative ware offer the collector a wide and varied field.

Although commemorative pottery was known to exist from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the industry really got under way with the invention of transfer printing in the 1750s. George Ill's jubilee in 1809, the death of Princess Charlotte in 1817, and George IV's coronation, were among the earliest events to be commemorated on a large scale by the ceramics industry.

Thereafter coronations, royal weddings, births, jubilees, etc have all been memorialised on china. Victorians produced articles in ceramic, glass, wood, papier-mache, stone, metal, ivory, and many other materials.

Much commemorative ware is based on important events - coronations, weddings, anniversaries, visits - in the lives of the British Royal family. There were wares made for the coronation of Edward VI in 1902, and in 1935 there was a great commemorative burst for the silver jubilee of George V and Queen Mary. more...

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