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This weeks collectors topic: Rachel Bishop

When Rachel Bishop joined Moorcroft in 1993, she was only the fourth Moorcroft designer in 100 years. She followed the founder of the firm, William Moorcroft 1913-1945, his son William from 1945 to the 1980s, and Sally Tuffin to 1992. In the 1970's the prosperity of the company continued to decline and the low point was reached in the mid 1980's at which time the company had only 16 employees remaining. The revival began when Moorcroft was purchased by Richard Dennis (the husband of Sally Tuffin) and Hugh Edwards. Richard Dennis and Sally Tuffin left the company in 1993, leaving the Edwards family in ownership. The design vacuum was filled by Rachel Bishop, and although only 24 years old when she joined, she was soon to see sales of her William Morris inspired designs flourish and with it the company continued its revival, its' employees now numbering several hundred. Her success was rewarded with the creation of the Moorcroft Design Studio in 1997, comprising eight designers with Rachel Bishop as the head designer.

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