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John Goodchild 'Sydney from Milson's Point' etching, signed lower right

John Goodchild 'The Centre of Sydney' etching, signed lower right

Henry Van Raalte 'The Cliff' coloured aquatint 14/60, signed lower right, 27 x 21 cm

After George Stubbs (British, 1724-1806), 'A singular Animal called Kangaroo found on the Coast of New Holland', engraving, titled in plate below image, within a huon pine frame, the print 17.5 x 22 cm, the frame 45.5 x 54 cm. Note: This image, which was p

Thomas Bewick (1752-1828) (Attributed), The Spotted Opossum of New South Wales, woodblock engraving, circa 1810, 6 x 8.5 cm

George French Angas. 'House of Iwikau, brother of Te Heuheu and Falls of Ko Waihi at Te Rapa, Taupo Lake'. Hand tinted lithograph from The New Zealanders Illustrated, 1847

Louise Auguste de Sainson. A lithograph illustrating the Maori canoes of Tolaga Bay and Bream Bay, New Zealand

John William Lewin. A Hoodee of Gunna Chief of Rangee Hoo Hand tinted lithograph, London: G. & W.B. Whittaker, 1824. Gunna Chief was the first Maori to sell land to the missionaries in the Bay of Islands in 1815

August Earle. The Wounded Chief Hongi and his family, Bay of Island Hand tinted lithograph, 1828

Unknown Artist. Insulaire de la Nouvelle Zelande Rare and early hand tinted copperplate engraving

William Hodges. Family in Dusk Bay, New Zealand Copperplate engraving, c. 1775

William Hodges. A Family at Dusk Bay, New Zealand Copperplate engraving, c. 1775

After Sydney Parkinson. War Canoe of New Zealand with a view of Gable End Foreland Copperplate engraving

Herman Diedrich Sporing. 'A Fortified Town or Village Called a Hippah (Pa), Built on a Perforated Rock, at Tolaga in New Zealand'. Copperplate engraving, c. 1769

After Sydney Parkinson. Tetê d'un Guerrier de la Nouvelle Zelande (Head of a warrior of New Zealand) Copperplate engraving. This is the first portrait of a Maori person, from the East Coast of the Nth. Island, drawn by a European artist.

After Isaac Gilsenan. Murderers Bay Copperplate engraving. This is the first image of Maori people drawn by a European artist, showing a crew of Maori in a double-hulled canoe in what is now known as Tasman Bay.

Sydney Long 'The Belguy Bruges' etching 26/50, signed lower right, 25 x 12cm

Christine G. Miller 'St Mary's Peak, Flinders Ranges' etching 5/5, signed lower right, 1943, 26 x 32cm

Jacqueline Hick 'Chickens' etching 4/30, signed lower right, 1943, 26 x 31cm

Sydney Long 'Brisbane Waters' etching 7/30, signed lower right, 32 x 22cm

Sydney Ure Smith 'Sandhills' etching, signed lower right, 19 x 27cm

Henry Van Raalte 'Bunny' etching 29/35, signed lower right, 20 x 60

Henry Van Raalte 'Hills of the South' aquatint, signed lower right, 20 x 16

Max Ragless 'The Forrest Giant' aquatint 2/15, signed lower right, 57 x 35cm

Max Ragless 'Gums on Willocharra Creek' aquatint 8/20, signed lower right, 36 x 50cm

Sir Lionel Lindsay 'Villefranche' drypoint etching no.75, signed lower left, 19 x 25cm

Ethleen Palmer 'The Fantail' coloured linocut 22/30, signed

Jo Sabey (b.1947) Eastern Horizon I 1987 Silkscreen ed 2/95 signed & dated lower right, 76 x 121 cm

Albert Henry Fullwood (1863-1930) Rheims Kathedral etching signed lower right, 12.5 x 9.8 cm

Wendy Stokes (b.1957) Estuary series I 1990, Canopies 1 1987 + pier (3), each Silkscreen ed. 2/20, 3/10, each signed & dated lower right, 99 x 69 cm, 105 x 71 cm, 69 x 44 cm

David Schlunke (b. 1942) Mallee study 1969 Silkscreen ed. 2/60 signed & dated lower right, 54 x 70.5 cm

Charles Blackman 'Orpheus - Lovers' lithograph 14/30, signed below, 41 x 33 cm

Original etching by G. Marier 'Sheep Grazing in the Paddock'

Pierre Bonnard (1878-1947) France, lithograph 'Sunset Over the Mediterranean', signed lower left in pencil, 30 cm x 49.5 cm

Sydney University etching limited edition 54/200, signature indistinct but believed to be Austin Platt, 18 cm x 36.5 cm approx

Charles Blackman (Born 1928), Alice Shadow and Friend, etching 69/90, signed, titled and dated to margin, 52 x 37 cm

Bernard et Frey eng. (19th century) France Sommet delá cataracte Bouganville hand coloured engraving. Bernard et Frey eng. (19th century) France Sommet dela cataracte Bouganville hand coloured engraving 26 x 31 cm