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Born in Japan in 1928, Shiga is a ceramic artist who studied and worked in Japan before arriving in Australia in 1966 to work at the Sturt Workshop in Mittagong, and then at the Talofa Workshop in Sydney . He later set up his own workshop in the semi rural Sydney suburb of Terrey Hills and lectured in ceramics East Sydney Technical College, and at the University of New South Wales, before eventually returning to Japan with his Australian wife in 1980. Shiga has exhibited widely and his work is represented in the Australian National Collection, several state galleries and institutional collections. Shigeo Shiga died in February 2011.

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An Australian Studio Pottery vase by Shigeo Shiga, circa 1970, of sphreical form with incised patternation, with seal marks to base, 18.5 cm high

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011), Bowl, c. 1978, stoneware with matte beige glaze and chattered decoration, the interior with four red dots, impressed seal to underside, height 10.5 cm diameter 20.7 cm

Shigeo Shiga (1928-2011), Blossom Vase, c. 1972, stoneware of globular form, with brown and cream swirled decoration, artist's stamps impressed near base, height 17 cm diameter 16 cm. Provenance: David Jones Art Gallery, Sydney, Private Collection, Syd

A Shigeo Shiga Studio, celadon concave rectangular dish, Japanese, 1928-2011, on low feet, with signature and impressed leaf motif to base, Width 42 cm

A Shigeo Shiga pottery vase, of cylindrical shape and brown design. Height 16 cm. Signed to base

Shiga, Shigeo (1928-2011), ceramic bowl. Brown glaze. Potter's mark to base, diameter 20 cm

Shigeo Shiga (1928-2011), two rice bowls and a blossom vase, the vase tapering in form with underglazed sgraffito decoration, artist's seal to base, 13 cm high, the bowls in iron red glaze with central pale blue spots, both with seal marks to base

Shigeo Shiga (1928-2011), a stoneware teapot, stylized in the classic Japanese form with a bamboo handle, underglazed linear sgraffito work to body, stylized red spot to lid, artist seal to side, total height 18 cm

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011). Stoneware bowl with bamboo design, impressed artist's seal to the base

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, b. 1928). Stoneware bowl Chun glaze, sealed with artist's marks

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011), square shallow platter stoneware with shino-type glaze, decorated with design of grass and red dots, artist's seal impressed to base. Height 7.5 cm. Length 34 cm. Width 34.5 cm

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011), bulbous blossom vase stoneware with tenmoku and ash glaze, decorated with design of grass and red dots, artist's seal impressed to base. Height 24 cm

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011), ribbed blossom vase stoneware, spherical body with short neck, tenmoku glaze and iron glaze overlay brushwork, artist's seal impressed to base. Height 22 cm, diameter 17 cm

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011), spherical Chattered blossom vase unglazed stoneware with iron oxide highlighting, artist's seal impressed near base. Height 18 cm

Shigeo Shiga (Japanese, 1928-2011), spherical blossom vase iron and ash glazed stoneware, artist's seal impressed to base. Height 19 cm

Shigeo Shiga pottery ribbed spiral vase, marked to base, 25 cm high

Shigeo Shiga bottle vase, makers mark to base, 33 cm high

Shigeo Shiga four sided bottle with iron glaze decoration, incised mark on base, 31.5 cm tall

Shigeo Shiga Studio Pottery vase with tenmoku glaze and iron glaze decoration. Impressed stamps to base. Height 15 cm

Shigeo Shiga. Porcelain blossom jar. Bluish magnesium glaze. 2 potter's seals to base. Height 20 cm

Shigeo Shiga. Pair stoneware bowls. Tenmoku, with rust wave pattern to interior. Potter's seals to base. Diameter 15 cm

Shigeo Shiga (b. 1928), a brown glazed textured vase, impressed seal mark 13 cm high

Shigeo Shiga, waisted vase, teadust and orange swirl glaze, stoneware, two potter's seals to foot. Height 20 cm

Shigeo Shiga, blossom pot, with brown glazed brushed pattern on a black glaze finish, pressed seal on base. Height 14 cm

Shigeo Shiga, ceramic bowl, with glazed line pattern over circular brush stroked underglaze. Diameter 40 cm

Ceramic lidded pot, cracked line pattern underglaze, stamp possibly attributed to Shiga Shigeo. Approx. Height 11.5 cm

Shigeo Shiga, ceramic vase of baluster, blue matte glaze overlaid with a metallic brown glaze line decoration, pressed seal on base. Height 30 cm

Shigeo Shiga (1928?2011) shallow stoneware bowl, deep brown with sgraffito decoration in interior and rust lustre glaze, monogram to base. Diameter 24 cm

Shigeo Shiga, pair of shallow bowls. Diameter 16 cm, 18.5 cm

Shigeo Shiga, vase, ash glazed stoneware impressed artist's seal to base. Height 14 cm

Shigeo Shiga, spherical pot, white and cobalt impressed artist's seal to the base. Height 17 cm

Shiga Shigeo, vase with lotus blossom 1990 Exhib: joint exhibition with Peter Rushworth

Shiga Shigeo blossom base with double dipped iron glaze 1970's, since the 1970's has had a profound influence on Australian Studio ceramics Rep: Nag, Agnsw, Ngv, Qag & Powerhouse

Shigeo Shiga, large bowl, impressed artist's seal to the base. Diameter 48 cm

Shigeo Shiga, platter, impressed artist's seal to the base. Diameter 33.5 cm

Shigeo Shiga, large square bowl, impressed artist's seal to the base. Width 35 cm

Shigeo Shiga, square platter, impressed artist's seal to the base. Width 41 cm