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Pair of Blue Mountains Tourism Silkscreen posters i) 'We're Expecting You' c.1948 by Booker ii) 'See for Yourself...' c. 1949 by Henri Roussel 101 x 75 cm (each) other notes: the National Gallery of Australia and the National library of Australia, Canberra

Travel Poster: c.1965 'Japan' text continues 'Australia's Overseas Airline Qantas In Association With B.O.A.C., Teal and Saa' colour lithograph with artwork by Harry Rogers, printed by Posters Pty. Ltd. 99 x 74 cms, laid down on linen.

M.A. Poulton for New Zealand Railways Studio 'Protect Your Native Birds and Forests' poster, 1960s, issued by Forest and bird Protection Society, depicting a fantail, a bellbird and a tomtit perched on a wildberry branch. 88 x 57 cm

Three early Bullen's circus posters. Banner style, c.1960. Litho (3). 36 x 103 cm (each)

Three early Bullen's circus posters. Earliest & largest by C R Daton; one banner style; & c.1960s showring parade. Litho (3). 76 x 102 cm, 36 x 103 cm & 51 x 33 cm

Original World War I poster. 'Haig. He Kept His Pledge - You Buy Peace Bonds'. pub E B Studios, Sydney. Litho. 70 x 46 cm

Australian, World War II large coloured poster 'Your Country Needs You. Ternes S.R.C. 76 cm & 51 cm.

After Steinberg +, after Elliot the New York er c.1976 + Sydney c.1985 (2) Offset prints (posters), each, 101 x 70 cm

Airline Travel Poster: 'B.O.A.C Stratocruiser Speedbird an aircraft type in Speedbird Fleet', circa 1950, artwork by R. P. Hutchinson; 61 x 87 cm, laid down on linen.

Airline Travel Poster: 'B.O.A.C Takes Good Care of You' with artwork by John Worsley dated 1949 in the image [1919-2000]; text continues at base 'British Overseas Airways Corporation in association with Qantas Empire Airways Ltd., South African Airways, Ta

Reg Mombassa (Chris O'Doherty) (b.1951) bird on a wire colour lithograph ed. 17/300 signed lower right 28.5 x 63 cm

Travel Poster: c. 1960s 'Western Australia, Land of Leisurely Living' colour lithograph; 100 x 64, laid on linen.

Travel Poster: 1952 Pan American World Airways travel poster 'Fly By Clipper To Australia and New Zealand, Where Summer Spends the Winter', artwork by Jean Carlu & Dubois, printed in USA, colour lithograph: 104 x 71 cm, laid down on linen.

Poster: c.1940s 'and a very good night with Sheaf Stout brewed by Tooth & Co. ltd, Sydney' colour lithograph with artwork by Alan D. Baker, printed by William Brooks & Co., Sydney; 98 x 74 cm, laid down on linen.

Foil poster of 'Sex!' by Martin Sharpe, Published by Big O Posters Ltd, 76 x 51 cm, A/F

M C Escher, Israel Museum poster 1972

South African Tourism travel poster. C. 1930s, 'Fly Sabena Belgian Airlines to South Africa Land of Sunshine and Adventure', 'Printed in England by Haycock press Ltd. London', linen-backed, good to very good 98.5 x 63 cm

A collection of Australian Publicity material relating to kangaroo (20th century fox, 1951), including a set of 8 x b/w lobby cards; 11 x Heralds; and 27 x Pressbooks, very good to fine (a lot) lobby cards 28 x 35 cm Heralds 22.5 x 34.5 cm

A large British Railways 'The Rebirth of Coventry Cathedral' poster 1957 by Basil Spense. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London SE1. Linen-backed (some warping). 127 cm x 101.6 cm.

A British Railways 'London Country' poster 1924 'From Golder's Green, Finsbury Park Or Kilburn Park'. By E a Cox. Printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co. Ltd, London. Linen-backed. 101.6 cm x 63 cm.

Scarfe, Gerald (British b.1936) three posters, Princess Anne, Lord Snowdon; Roddy McDowell (?). Hand signed. Also signed exhibition poster. 49 x 37 cm

A box of various (17) various black & white prints including a James Dean poster

A Tony Rafty Tennis poster 1984 + a Ken Done poster (2) 51 x 74 cm

C1960s 'Mildura' travel poster printed by A.C.Brooks [Melbourne], artwork by Trewin. A poster previously unknown to our rooms. Rare 101 x 63 cm

Sir Robert Peel: British Prime Minister (1834-35 & 1841-46), noted for founding the modern police force. Good signature on piece, window mounted with lithograph portrait; plus etching portrait of of Sir Thomas Lawrence.

C1960s group of travel posters. BOAC, British Airways, Alitalia (4). Varying sizes, some soiling and rough edges. Condition B. (6 items).

C1960 Qantas travel poster 'Japan'. Art work by Harry Rogers. Linen backed. 99 cm x 74.5 cm condition B

C1950s travel poster 'Discover Australia'. Art work by James Northfield. Linen backed. 101 cm x 63.5 cm. Condition B

C1930s poster advertisement for 'Wool Russ Bathing Suits'. Art work by John Vickery. linen backed. 45.5 cm x 29.5 cm. Condition B

C1930s travel poster 'Victorian Alps For Winter Sports'. Art work by Gert Sellheim. linen backed. 61 cm x 23 cm. Condition B+. Rare

C1920s advertising poster 'Don't Argue Hutton's Hams Are the Best. Pineapple Trade Mark Brand'. Printed by J.J.Miller Ptg. Co. Melbourne. Art work by Fred Miller, linen backed 6 leaf poster. 220 cm x 200 cm. Condition B. Impressive and extremely rare

World War I period Australian war loans poster. Art work by Jim Hannan, printed by Osboldstone & Co [Melb]. 77 cm x 51 cm. Condition C

World War I period Australian poster 'Lest We Forget. Buy Peace Bonds'. Art work by James Northfield printed by Sands and McDougall. Linen backed. 74 x49 cm. Condition C

1950s Qantas 'Japan' travel poster. Woman in Kimono. 'Australia's Overseas Airline. In association with B.O.A.C and TEAL'. Lithograph. 97 x 70 cm

Lucian Freud British arts Council Exhibition poster, girl with hand on knee, 1980 90 cm x 60 cm

A vintage travel poster, 'Africa. Fly There by B.O.A.C.', depicting a simple stylised zebra and buffalo on a dark teal ground. 105 cm x 63.5 cm

Hassall, John (British 1868-1948). 'Andrews Liver Salt,' 1925. Lithograph 47 x 35 cm

Victorian Railways advertising poster No. 61 'Take the Family to the Zoo' by H. Jack, circa 1920s, lithograph in colours, 'Travel By/ Fast Electric Train/ To/ Royal Park', signed lower right corner 'H. Jack', printed by ' J.E. Hackett, print. Melb.', Paper

c1960s travel posters, 'Visit Western Australia. Floral Emblem of Western Australia...' showing a Kangaroo Paw flower in front of the Perth skyline; 'Western Australia. The Wild Flower State. Christmas Tree (Nuytsia Floribunda)'; 'Britain'. depicting child