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A violin in original leather case. Maker Plero Badalassifece Im Pisa Anno19 4.999

A Bohemian trade violin Stradivarius copy, no label, with case and fine bow

A fine French violin bearing label 'Nicolas Bernard', in case with bow

A violin, 19th century German by Hermann Dolling with case and two bows

A violin in case together with two bows. Maker Nicola Lupot of Paris

Case, vintage crocodile skin double violin case

Bow, 1920's violin bow by 'W.E. Hill & Son' silver mounted and ebony frog. Approx 61 Grams

Bow, violin bow by 'W.E. Hill & Sons' silver mounted and ebony frog

Violin, label reads Pietro Messori Modena 1947

Violin, 20th century trade violin in a double case. Label reads Vincenzo

Violin, trade, label reads steiner. in hard case with bow. Violin, trade, label reads steiner. in hard case with bow

Violin, 1920's German trade violin. Label reads 'Antonius Straduarius 1737'

Violin, 1930's German violin label reads 'Antonius Stradivarius', condition Fair.

Violin, mid 19th century German violin (Mittenwald), comes with hard case and two bows.

Violin, 3/4 violin label reads Montanari MV34S. Comes with good Carry case and Cello bow. Never been set up.

Violin, 3/4 trade violin label reads Stradella. Condition Fair.

Violin in timber case, Bohemian trade with 'Jacobus Stainer' label, early 20th century.

Cased German violin, with an inlaid mother pearl bow, approx 59 cm long

Violin - two piece back plate, ribs and scroll. European maple, top plate is made of spruce. Professionally made and the label is 'Nicolaus Amatus Fecit, in Cremona 1630. Made in Germany C1920

18th century violin by Richard Duke of London c1776, accompanied by certificate of authenticity issued by Chas Begg & Co, Dunedin

Violin: German trade late 19th century most likely from Saxony with ornate carved lion scroll in vintage case.

Violin: German trade violin and bow in case.

Violin: German trade violin, possibly Dresden c1910 with two bows and leather case.

Violin: French early 20th century by Ch. J. B. Colin Mezin, one piece back in vintage timber case and canvas cover.

Violin bow: stamped 'Bausch', most likely a good quality German copy, early 20th century. 73 cm

Violin: German early 20th century trade violin with two bows & wooden case.

Paul Hugues, 1891-Circa 1950, Interior Scene with Violin oil on canvas, signed 'Paul Hugues' lower left, 81 cm x 64 cm

A full size Maggini model violin, late 19th / early 20th made in Saxony, Germany. Labelled 'Gio Paollo-Magini Mefecite Brecia Anno. G.S.T. 1770'. Features include the a typical double purfling, Maggini style and ornamental inlaid two piece back of Saxon de

An antique European violin with label of Carcassi, 19th century, with internal label of Carcassi, anno 1759, Firenze, but after, a full size instrument, well maintained and in good playing order, in a traditional hard shell case. Length 59.5 cm

Violin: German Klotz antique violin. Refined scroll, one piece back and rosewood pegs. Housed in antique rosewood case, with fine bow. Was used by members of the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra. 1945 sale receipt of 25 pounds. 1908 repairers label.

Bow: Victor Felique French violin bow with makers stamp, c1915-1920. Mother of pearl & ebony frog with silver finished fittings. Rehaired, a fine piece in excellent condition

Violin: French Violin with label 'Daniel Moinel Fait En 1942 Par, Luthier 45 Rue De Rome Paris' with vintage case, a fine violin, restored & plays well. Excellent condition

Violin: German Stradivarius copy c1890s. Unusual 7/8th size with finely carved scroll & coffin case. G/VG condition

Violin: French trade Stradivarius copy with label 'Jean Baptiste Vuillaume Paris 3 Rue Demours-Ternes' Finely carved scroll with ebonized edging & handsome fi ddleback. Dated on the back 1935 with personalised monogram. An excellent student violin with vin

Violin: German 20th century trade violin with label (Stradivarius copy). Restored & in vintage case. Plays well. G/VG condition