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A Muhammad Ali, commemorative framed print: 'I Am the Greatest' bearing signature lower right frame size: 65 x 105 cm

Armand Marseille baby doll with bisque head, closing eyes and mouth, 34 cm high approx

Antique Armand Marseille doll, in antique white gown. Stamped AM Germany 341 / 3K, 30 cm high

Armand Marseille 'My Dearie' bisque doll, brown sleeping eyes with lashes, brown real hair wig on ball jointed composition body 58 cm. Marked made in Germany Armand Marseille 390n DRGM 246 a 6 M (head with faults)

Armand Marseille bisque doll, brown stationary eyes, brown mohair wig on jointed composition body, 46 cm. Marked 1894 A.M. 4 DEP (hairline crack to back of head)

Armand Marseille bisque dream baby, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth with two bottom teeth on composition bent limb body, 42 cm. Marked A.M. Germany 351/4.K.

A Victorian glass covered votive display of a bisque porcelain doll figure in a floral shell grotto. Width 40 cm

Three Armand Marseille dream baby dolls, including 243-28 and one other (4)

Six various early dolls, including Floridora AM; SFBJ Paris; etc. All with original dresses. Also one disassembled doll. Various

Three various early dolls. All composition and jointed. 1 marked Armand Marseille, Germany. All as inspected

Two Armand Marseille dolls, including R1934.1, weighted eyes missing, cloth body; and 1353/2, missing weighted eyes, missing clothes, cloth body (2)

Armand Marseille 'Florodora' 16 inch doll with bisque head, brown sleeping eyes & long human hair. Open mouth with four upper teeth, kid body and limbs. Material below knees, china hands & forearms, wearing lace dress and bonnet leather shoes, pre 1909 by

Armand Marsaille bisque head doll, 352-46, sleepy eyes, cloth body and celluloid hands, velvet costume

A large bisque baby doll, unmarked, sleeping eyes, composition body

Armand Marseille 351/2 German 11 inch 'My Dream Baby' with Bisque head, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth, two teeth, cloth body, arms and legs & old squeaker in tummy

Armand Marseille 351/212k German 11 inch 'My Dream Baby' Bisque head with brown glass eyes, open mouth and two teeth with composition body

Armand Marseille 351/3 German doll with Bisque head, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth, two lower teeth, cloth body, arms & legs (hand A/F)

Armand Marseille 351 German 14 inch 'My Dream Baby' with Bisque head, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth and two teeth, cloth body & composition hands

Armand Marseille 352/6 German 21 inch doll with Bisque head, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth, two upper teeth, cloth body & celluloid limbs (old cries in back)

Full set of four Pelham Thunderbirds Supermarionettes, including Scott; Alan; Virgil; and the hood (M boxes E) (4)