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A Tibetan silver and copper prayer wheel, early 20th century, with inlaid turquoise and coral, with a black lacquered wooden handle, possibly later, 39 cm long

A Tibetan silver knife and scabbard, 19th century, repousse and chased decoration with deer, peacock and floral motifs, 28.8 cm long

Oriental silver belt. Nine rectangular sections with bells suspended. Possibly Tibetan. Length 71 cm

A Tibetan silver altar stand inlaid with coral & turquoise coloured beads, 20th century, the inset amber windows depicting a mythical beast on front & verso, a copper base. Height 26 cm

A fine Tibetan silver and parcel-gilt teapot, early 20th century, with exceptional repousse and hand tooled decoration, Makara formed spout and dragon handle, the lower section with a very finely chased continuous floral scroll, the cover with lotus bud fi

Tibetan Buddha, 22 cm high approx.

17th / 18th century Tibetan lama prayer scroll box leather (yak skin) cantered / tapered shape, with metal mounts, 18 cm high, 25 cm wide, 14 cm deep

Antique Tibetan miniature silver scroll holder, approx. 7.5 cm long

Nine painted cotton panels from a Stupa, Tibet, mid 20th century, [9]. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 61 x 18 cm

A Tibetan silver, gilt and leather saddle, 18th-19th century, a pair of confronting dragons chasing flaming pearl on each side, original leather mounted. For a similar but earlier example see Christie's New York, 21/3/2001, lot 150, also see Koller Auk

Early Tibetan silver rosewood & turquoise bowl 11.5 cm diameter

A Tibetan silver butter lamp and a Tibetan silver mounted wooden bowl, 19th -20th century, 14 cm high (lamp) and 12.5 cm diameter (bowl) (2)

Two Tibetan skull cups, 19th century, one silver-mounted, one carved in relief with Tibetan characters, 18 x 14.3 cm & 16.5 x 13.5 cm, (2)

A ritual Tibetan copper gilt chalice and a stone encrusted Vajra, circa late 19th / early 20th century, 18 cm high, 11.3 cm diameter (2)

A Tibetan engraved silver bowl, 20th century, 8 cm high, 16 cm diameter. Provenance: Karma Lama, Nepal

A Tibetan Yak bone Mala beads, c.19th/20th century, with the traditional 108 beads being decorated with turquoise, coral and a brass central line, some beads showing some wear with a few repaired

A Tibetan Buddhist temple lamp, silver. 20th century, 31 cm Height.

A bronze/brass Tibetan Buddha seated in lotus position on a lotus platform 19 cm

Tibetan prayer box of small proportions with a studded lattice facade framing individual Art works 43 cm high, 50 cm wide, 24 cm deep

A Tibetan repousse gilt copper figure of Acala, late 15-16th century, the wrathful protector Buddhism originated in India where his form was often shown as kneeling with his left knee on the ground. 13.5 x 13.5 cm. Provenance: A Melbourne Private Collectio

A Tibetan wooden box, with iron trimmings at edges, iron latch closure, front and sides painted with tigers, 24 x 14 cm

Two Tibetan striking Irons, one inset with coral the other with turquoise, the largest, 14 cm wide

An old Tibetan Kapala skull cap, silver lined and edged, tiny silver skulls applied to outer edge, losses to applied skulls, 17 x, 12 x 6 cm

A pair of Tibetan hair Decorations, silver mounted turquoises, a small turquoise to verso

An unusual Tibetan wooden dowry box, applied repousse silver trimmings, top and sides mounted with Garuda and flames motif, interior decorated with painted mandala and inset with a coral and a turquoise, painting faded, 35.5 x, 22 x 20 cm

An elaborate Tibetan silver Bumpa, finely embossed with buddha scene to body, Yali head at base of spout, dragon head handle, and lotus bud finial, 25.5 cm high

A Tibetan silver amulet, circular, inlay with turquoises and red corals

A Tibetan lidded wooden box, heavily embossed repousse work with coral and lapis adornments, 7 x 13.5 cm

A large Tibetan silver purse, repousse dragon motif, inlay with red corals and turquoises, accompanied by associated leather strap

A Tibetan dance Apron and Nepalese dance mask, both with brocade trimmings, apron with central Mahakala, 94 cm long including fringe

A Tibetan gilt copper repousse on wood book cover, 16th century, depicting three enthroned buddhas attended by their guards with the eight auspicious symbols, turquoise and coral inlay, 61 cm width x 21.5 cm height. Provenance Private collection, Canberra

An 18th century Tibetan silver and wood bowl and cover, Used as a Buddhist drinking utensil, the horn shaped handle lid is embossed with Buddhist patterns, the bowl, rim and foot are silver mounted to reveal a polished wooden band, 18th century, 11 cm high

Tibetan hardstone & coral rosary. Brass amulets. Length 62 cm

Eastern bronzed Ganesha figure. Standing deity on lotus throne. Remnants of gilding. Sealed base. Chinese characters to reverse of base. Possibly Tibetan or Nepalese. Height 25 cm