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An Ersari Turkoman carpet, Afghanistan, mid 20th century, 310 x 266 cm

Two Tekke Turkoman engsis, Afghanistan, mid 20th century, the largest 144 x 118 cm

A small Afghan wool carpet. 20th century, the geometric carpet in copper, tan and black colours with white highlights, having two rows of large lozenge forms with copper borders enclosing cross and zig zag designs, with similar patterned wide and narrow bo

An Afghan woollen runner, the rug in russet and steel blue colours, with touches of tan and chocolate, having a central row of bordered lozenges upon a red field enclosed within a wide blue border with repeat stylised flower motifs, with stylised birds to

A Mohammadi Afghan woollen runner, the geometric rug in rich watermelon, red, brown and tan colours set with guls and cross forms on a red field scattered with flowers and boteh to a wide border. Length 406 cm. Width 76 cm

An Afghan Andokhi woollen tribal carpet, the rug with two parallel rows of gul motifs in black, tan and salmon colours upon a traditional russet red field within six rows of narrow repeat borders and rows of herringbone style borders in colours to the shor

Afghan Baluch rug mid 20th century, worn 136.5 x 113 cm

Large antique Afghan tent carpet / rug, with dark red tones, 360 cm x 530 cm approx

A small sized Afghani rug featuring floral and ornithological motifs 152 cm x 101 cm

Afghan Tadjik Qaisari hand made wool rug with brown and tan tones, 190 cm x 115 cm approx

A tekke Turkoman 'engsi', Afghanistan, 218 x 166 cm

Afghani Turkmen rug (red & black colours) 300cm long x 200cm wide

Afghani Kazak rug (blue and red colours) 130cm long x 80cm wide

Afghan Kazak rug. Red & blue tones. 150 x 100 cm

An Afghan tribal floor rug decorated with geometric designs 330 x 234 cm

An Afghan tribal floor rug decorated with geometric designs 330 x 244 cm

Afghan Khal Mohammadi runner. Hand knotted red tones. 280 x 80 cm

Afghan Khal Mohammadi rug. Hand knotted red tones. 150 x 190 cm

An Afghan Baluchi woollen tribal rug. The centre with a beige field within a deep red field with lozenge decoration. 143 x 85 cm

Afghani rug with animal imagery, measures 242 by 170. multi-coloured