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A fiddleback blackwood walking stick with finely carved scrolling handle inlaid with pine and ebony, late 19th century, 91 cm

A mulga wood walking stick carved with a fist handle and snake, most likely Aboriginal, 86 cm

Two blackwood walking sticks with inlaid specimen timber handles, late 19th century, 90 cm and 92 cm

A whalebone walking stick with whale's tooth and pearl shell handle, 19th century, 83 cm

A walking stick with concealed opium pipe attachment, whale tooth, bone and timber, 19th century, 91 cm, Provenance: Private collection Hobart,

A whalebone walking stick with whale's tooth handle, early 19th century, 88 cm

A whalebone walking stick carved from one solid piece, early 19th century, 92 cm

A whalebone walking stick with whale's tooth handle and horn collar, 19th century, 94 cm

A walking stick, whalebone and horn with whale tooth top, early to mid 19th century, 85 cm

An early 20th century English 20 bore shotgun walking stick, the cylindrical steel shaft wider at the top, original dark brown paint finish, swivelling bayonet release to receive the cartridge, exposed small trigger, sliding side button, the mahogany handl

Vintage antler top walking stick with stag horn decorated metal collar

Vintage timber walking stick with gold metal collars and inscribed date 1924

Antique walking stick with pull out brass horse measuring stick, approx 92 cm long

Antique walking stick with copper end that converts into a smoking pipe with ceramic inner bowl, approx 87 cm long

An antique whale bone walking stick, 19th century, a simple unadorned stick with a right angled handle, length 87 cm.

Rare J. Howell (London) walking stick, circa 1900

An English country walking stick with deer antler handle and carved whistle, 19th century. 145 cm

Antique Malacca & carved horn walking stick with a foot shaped handle, 89.5 cm long

A Victorian whalebone walking stick, the tapered cylindrical shaft with two-thirds wrythen twist, the knob form top with carved Turk's Head knot handle. Length 84.5 cm

Victorian mahogany walking stick, carved with geometric and floral design, with brass mount. Height 87.5 cm

Poacher's under-hammer percussion gun concealed in a walking stick, English circa 1830s. 85 cm

Whalebone & baleen walking stick with facetted handle, 92 cm

Whalebone walking stick with Turks head handle & multiple carving designs (rope twist reeded fluted & diamond), 92 cm

An Australian Colonial gold mounted walking stick, circa 1891, the slender stem with brass tip and gold cap to top incised with a dedication to top 'C.A.G.B from G.R.D' and to the collar 'Made from a pile, on which the first house in Sydney N.S.W was built

Two fiddleback blackwood walking sticks, circa 1900. Longest 92 cm.

A Victorian walking stick, marked 'Ashford maker to the Queen'. Length 84 cm

Three Victorian walking sticks, 19th century, including a turned and carved whalebone walking stick, an 18 ct. gold mounted wooden walking stick and a green twisted glass walking stick (3), approx height 90 cm

Whalebone walking stick decorated with Turks head, rope twist & reeded carving

A finely carved blackwood walking stick, with an 'Advance Australia' coat of arms, 19th century, 89 cm long

Two wooden walking sticks and a wooden bottle stick, late 19th/20th century, the bottle stick 92 cm