Learn about Scent Bottles

In Victorian days scent bottles were often made of pressed glass, with silver or silver-plate rims and cut glass or imitation cut glass stoppers.

Generally, the customer purchased the bottle empty and had it filled by a chemist or perfumier, as ready filled bottles of perfume were not yet on the market.

The variety of shapes was enormous. The larger scent bottles were made in the shape of flagons or decanters. In the 1870s a new design appeared, the double ended bottle. This was a slim cylindrical bottle with a round or polygonal surface. Some were produced in clear glass, some coloured dark blue, red, green, or yellow, and some were decorated in the Nailsea style. At each end were silver or plated caps, which were heavily chased or moulded. One half of the bottle was for scent and usually had a screw cap, while the other end was hinged, often spring loaded for fast access, and was for smelling salts.

Some bottles hinged in the middle, and when you opened them there was the grating of a vinaigrette on one side and on the other a recess with a glass-covered photograph. more...

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Rene Lalique 'Enfants' perfume bottle, model no. 609, c. 1931 frosted glass, molded with putti figures in relief, signed 'Lalique France'. Height 10 cm

A Lalique perfume bottle, in the 'Enfants' pattern, etched 'Lalique, France' to base. 8 cm x 10 cm

Rene Lalique 'Les Introuvables' perfume box and two bird figures hexagonal box containing three miniature perfume bottles, limited edition 2003, 2004, 2005, together with two clear and frosted glass birds, engraved and stamped marks 'R. Lalique, France' an

Large Lalique doves Nina Ricci perfume bottle 14.5 cm high approx

Lalique doves Nina Ricci perfume bottle 10 cm high approx

Lalique, 'Duncan' perfume bottle, clear and frosted glass with central figural panel depicting three female nudes, frosted glass stopper, etched to base 'Lalique R France', retains decal label, in original box, height 20.5 cm

Lalique Les Cing Fleors Flacon, Lalique scent bottle measuring 9.5 cm tall

A small Lalique crystal perfume bottle with dove stopper. 7 cm high

A Lalique perfume bottle, with rose design. Height 14.6 cm

A Lalique Nina Ricci perfume bottle, with lovebird stopper. Height 20 cm. (minor chips)

Lalique Le Lys D'Orsay perfume bottle with a floral moulded front, impressed 'R Lalique' to the base. Height 17 cm

Rene Lalique set of four Dans la Nuit perfume bottles blue glass, each impressed to base 'R. Lalique Creation, French bottle' (5). Height 7.5 cm to 16.5 cm

Lalique Cactus perfume bottle design number 11365, stamped 'Crystal, Lalique, France' (AF). Height 12 cm

A modern Lalique 'Grande Pomme' perfume bottle, the frosted body surmounted by a stopper of clear crystal formed as two leaves and a short stem. Signed under the base. Height 13.5 cm

A Rene Lalique blue glass scent bottle with turquoise coloured stopper, designed for Worth, fluted circular section, skyscraper shape. Etched marks. Height 13 cm. Together with a similar smaller later Lalique blue glass scent bottle. Height 7.5 cm

A vintage 1960s Lalique Nina Ricci L'Air de Temps Paris France crystal glass perfume bottle, with a frosted double doves stopper. 34 cm high.

Rene Lalique cactus scent bottle, 10 cm high, circa 1928

A Rene Lalique 'Hirondelles' clear glass scent bottle, frosted and blue stained finish modelled in relief as a flock of birds, frosted and blue stained highlights, narrow shaped square form, the circular disc form rim with original stopper of mildly domed

Lalique, Cactus scent bottles No. 11365 and 11366, etched in script 'Lalique France'. Height 12 cm and 10 cm (2)

A Lalique glass perfume bottle with leopard finial in original retailers box, 15 cm high

A Lalique opalescent glass perfume bottle and stopper modelled with a naked maiden surrounded by wings. Engraved mark Lalique France, AN 3000, FAC 011, 13 cm high

A Lalique opalescent glass perfume bottle and stopper moulded with three winged maidens. Engraved mark Lalique France, 14.5 cm high

A Lalique glass perfume bottle with centaur finial, 21 cm high

A Lalique glass dressing table cologne bottle with American-Indian finial, 18 cm high

A Lalique clear and frosted glass perfume bottle and stopper with large flattened stopper moulded with a maiden. Engraved mark Lalique France, 16 cm high

Lalique Rene - 1860-1945 (France) perfume bottles Olives 12.5 centimetres tall with a row of 8 relief olives around the bottom of the bottle with matching decor conical stopper all resting on a small round base, engraved signature

Lalique Rene, 1860-1945 (France) Capricorn beetles, circa 1912, perfume bottle, clear glass with insect motif, with matching designed dome stopper, 8 cm high, R Lalique engraved signature

Lalique Rene, 1860-1945 (France) - 'Le Corail Rouge' model created for Forvil, circa 1925, a frosted and red-enamelled scent bottle and stopper, of rectangular form, with arch stopper, each moulded in low relief with scrolling coral, with title panel

Rene Lalique 'Le Lys' perfume bottle featuring floral decoration, circa 1922 with molded signature. Height 25 cm

Lalique, Flacon, 'Duncan' model, pressed glass perfume bottle with frosted glass central figural panel and frosted lid, retains 'Lalique Paris' label, incised on base 'Lalique France', in original box. Height 20 cm. Width 10 cm. Length 5 cm

A Lalique perfume bottle, the narrow square body with swallow decoration. 'R. Lalique - France' to base. Height 9 cm

Lalique perfume bottle featuring Centaur with Eau de Parfum 100ml contents. Height 20 cm

A Lalique frosted glass cologne bottle and stopper, French, circa 1930, 9 cm high

A Lalique Bouchon Eucalyptus pattern glass scent bottle model introduced 1919, the tapering faceted bottle, surmounted by a gum blossom moulded stopper emanating Eucalyptus leaves, moulded mark Lalique, chip to edge of one leaf. Height 13.5 cm

A Lalique France perfume bottle, with double floral motif, signed on base. Height 95.mm