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A Guanyin figure seated on a rock base with draped robes, with some losses, 22 cm tall. Provenance: purchased from Windsor Antiques, 1968. The Estate of Stanley Crawford Stevens.

A rare Chinese wooden standing figure of Guanyin, late song-Yuan Dynasty, 13th-14th century, his hair in a high chignon, wearing a necklace and sash and a robe from the waist down, a slight curve to the body and traces of black and red pigment, 37 cm high,

Two Chinese carved soapstone figures of Guanyin, holding a ruyi the other a vase, 19th/20th century, on a contrasting dark soapstone, one is seated on lotus throne the other standing, each with hair piled high under a veil. Height 25 cm. Height 32 cm

A Sino Tibetan marble Guanyin, seated on a double lotus leaf throne, an Inscription on base and reverse, dated 1926, the full face of the figure looking solemn, seated cross legged and holding a ball of life in her lap, traces of gilt on the throne. Height

A large Chinese cloisonne figure of Guanyin, 20th century the standing figure in multicoloured flowing robe holding a vase and fan, raised on a shaped pedestal, 107 cm high

A large Chinese carved wooden figure of Guanyin, 17th century style, 148 cm high

Carved Chinese green stone figure of Guanyin, H23 cm approx

A slender ivory figure of a Guanyin, following the contour of the tusk, the hair & patterned robe picked out in black, the hair piled high in a knotted chignon above a well delineated face, the folds of the robe falling loosely over her arms, one hand hold

Two Chinese carved wood figures. Guanyin with child to foot; & male deity figure with children to foot. Male figure with vertical crack to reverse. Height 47 cm &. Height 43 cm

A Chinese boxwood figure of a Guanyin, people's Republic era, mid to later 20th century, the traditionally attired serene figure of the Guanyin seated upon a lotus leaf and bud with other naturalistic organic forms, the right hand raised and the left c

A Chinese soapstone Guanyin, Republic era, mid 20th century, the amber toned figure of a serene Guanyin with a diadem, and ornately relief carved wave and flower scrolled robes, with a jewelled bodice and raised upon a double lotus base, the standing figur

A rare Chinese marble tiered base, Tang Dynasty, dated 697-698, made for a figure of Maitreya, the top in the form of an open lotus flower on an octagonal section, supported by five squatting figures, resting on a rectangular-shaped support, a continuous i

An ivory figure of Guanyin, 19th/20th century standing holding a ruyi sceptre in her left hand, wearing a long wide-sleeved robe and a scarf draped below her high coiled chignon picked out in black pigment, 31.5 cm high

A Chinese carved wooden figure of Guanyin, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), enhanced with coloured pigment to the front and back, wearing a floriate headdress bearing the prominent carved figure of Amitabha, her hair tied back into a coiled chignon, in a dancerly

A Chinese zitan and soapstone figure of Guanyin, carved with downcast gaze, wearing her hair in a high chignon, depicted holding a scroll, with flowing robes, seated on a rock formation, 36.5 cm high

Early Chinese candle holder together with a Guanyin figurine on a wooden stand, height 24 cm approx

Chinese rose quartz Guanyin figure. on fitted wood stand. Height 17 cm (total)

Chinese carved lacquer figure of Guanyin . on fitted wooden stand. Height 23 cm (total)

Chinese Hanghsi (?) carved Gwanyin [Guanyin] figure. (small rim chip to front). Height 17 cm

Early Chinese temple figure of Guanyin. Enamel decoration. Split to wood base. Height 34 cm

A stone carved figure of Guanyin & a flower ornament, 20th century. The Guanyin 24 cm high

A large lacquered figure of Guanyin, 20th century. 74 cm high

An 18th century painted carved wood Guanyin statue, depicting the 'Goddess of Mercy', seated on a lion in the posture of 'Delassement Royale', 29 cm high

A Chinese lacquer painting, late 19th early 20th century, depicting Guanyin playing a string instrument, sitting on a lotus pedestal and surrounded by wonderland, painted with natural pigments onto a leather parchment, 118 cm x 98 cm

A porcelain Guanyin statue song/Yuan period, with crackle glaze to body and unglazed face, hands and feet, seated wearing a long coat, dressed in a head scarf and holding a bottle, 11.5 cm high

A Japanese gilt wooden Guanyin, the carved gilt statute positioned in Dharmachakra mudra, seated on a lotus flower with flaming light back, 56 cm high

A carved coral group of Guanyin with Shancai and Xiaolongnu, 19th/20th century the deity wearing long flowing robes standing above flowers and foliage growing over the base, holding a vase of slender leaves in her right hand below a bird in flight, and wit

A Chinese gilt-bronze seated Guanyin, Ming dynasty 36.5 cm high. Provenance: Perth private collection, inherited from current owner's grandfather who had acquired the piece in Kyoto during the 1950s, by repute

A tall Chinese carved wooden figure of Guanyin on a Buddhist lion, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The rounded face crowned with a high floriate headdress, seated with one leg raised up in 'Rajalilasana' (Royal posture) pose, the right hand held under the chin i

Chinese lacquered Guanyin figure. Depicted within lotus leaf. Height 37 cm

A Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Guanyin, the slip cast Guanyin with a reverential disposition, attired in a flowing robe with Crown, seated in the Royal ease position upon a lotus throne and cradling a thorny and lotus leaf sceptre in her left hand and holding a

A Chinese silver inlaid hardwood figure of Guanyin, Qing Dynasty, 19th century. 46.5 cm high

A Chinese turquoise ornament, mid 20th century, provenance: purchased in Hong Kong 1970s, Delightfully carved and depicting the angel of mercy Guanyin, carrying a symbolic fish in an auspicious pine and rock landscape; upon a timber stand. Height 7.5 cm. W

A Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Guanyin, the contemplative Guanyin with downcast eyes, pendulous earlobes and in a slightly serpentine pose, draped in traditional robes standing atop a shell and a lotus bud. Height 39.5 cm

A Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Guanyin, a classically robed and contemplative Guanyin in lalitasana pose or 'Royal ease' holding an elixir bottle in her left hand, and seated upon a double lotus throne above wave like forms; with impressed seal and character mar

Two Chinese hard stones heads of Guanyin, early 20th century, one pink quartz, one green quartz, with fitted wooden bases, 11 cm high and 10.5 cm high without stands