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In Victorian times, a glass bowl or candlestick, often made and sold as pairs, with attached decorative prismatic drops of glass or crystal. The main centres of manufacture are believed to be England and Bohemia, which amongst other styles, produced lustres with enamelled decoration. They were designed to sit on a mantle or sideboard, and the prisms would reflect the light in the room. Prices are dependent on the size of the lustres and the colour and decoration on the glass bowls. Damaged or missing drops will considerably depreciate the value.

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Bohemian cobalt blue cut to clear glass lustre suite painted with gilt hightlights, each with eight crystal drops, with original 'Bohemia made in Czechoslovakia' sticker. Condition: good to fair, some paint losses, some chips to the bases. Height 2

Pair of Victorian blue glass lustres with gilt decoration, missing some crystal drops, one with blue glass body cracked, 33 cm high approx

A pair of Regency glass lustres with facetted prisms 29 cm high.

A pair of Victorian ruby glass floral decorated lustre vases. 36 cm high.

Pair of Victorian lustre vases in satin milk glass and gilded

A collection of three 19th century Bohemian painted, gilt and overlaid lustre vases, including an overlaid and painted green glass vase, 33 cm high, an overlaid ruby glass vase, (two lustres detached), 31 cm high, and a clear glass vase with gilt highlight

Two c.1900 Loetz type glass vases, dark emerald green with lustre finish, each with three trailed ribbed bosses to the sides with silver/purple high gloss lustre, squat baluster form, one with frilled rim, ground pontil to base of each.

Pair Victorian crystal lustres mixed thumb cuts on double baluster stems.

A Victorian lustre vase, deep green with gilt embellishments, castellated top with 10 crystal pendant lustres. 15 cm x 34 cm

A pair of Victorian milk glass lustre vases, each bowl with a castellated rim raised on slender columns from circular bases, hung with multiple long clear faceted glass drops. Height 31.5 cm

A pair of Mary Gregory style green glass enameled vases together with a green glass lustre. English 19th century. The lustre 32 cm, the vases 28 cm

A pair of Victorian green glass lustre vases with cut crystal prisms. 31 cm high

A pair of Bohemian ruby cased glass lustres. Modern, each with a thistle shape scalloped bowl upon a waisted pedestal to a stepped circular base, with cut patterns and designs, and having eight spear shaped prisms. Height 26.5 cm

A pair of Victorian cased glass lustre vases, second half 19th century, the thistle shaped vases raised on baluster stems to shaped domed bases, in cased lemon over white satin glass with floral decoration throughout in gilt paste and each hung with nine f

A pair of Bohemian cased glass lustre vases. 20th century, in cobalt overlaid with white, the shallow tazze form lustres each with a shaped stem to a domed base, with repeat slice cuts and rose and forget-me-not painted borders and decorations with gilt en

A pair of Victorian glass lustres with pink casing and enamelled blue forget-me-nots 34 cm height

A Victorian ruby glass lustre with enamelled floral and gilt decoration 26 cm

Ruby glass pair of lustres with gilt painted rim & clear crystal drops. Condition good, missing one drop. Height 32 cm

Victorian crystal lustre vase, with 8 drops. Height 32.5 cm

A pair of Bohemian ruby cased glass lustres. Modern, each with a thistle shape scalloped bowl upon a waisted pedestal to a stepped circular base, with cut patterns and designs, and having eight spear shaped prisms. Height 26.5 cm

A pair of fine Victorian ruby glass lustre vases, 19th century, the vases with knopped and baluster stems to shaped spreading bases supporting enamelled and gilded fonts with undulating frilled rims, each with a full set of cut spear form prisms. Height 35

A Victorian pair of opaline glass lustres, late 19th century, each having painted enamel floral decoration with 10 suspended cut crystal drops. Height 33.5 cm

A pair of cut crystal lustres and Victorian enamel painted vase, the lustres of typical form with faceted stems and star cut bases, the vase of squat ovoid form, (3).

A pair of Victorian green glass lustres, each embellished with gilt painted foliate and fruit designs and clear glass lustres, 36 cm high.

An extremely fine Victorian gilt and enamel green glass lustre, with hand-painted portrait and floral medallions

Bohemian ruby glass pair of lustres having drawn columns rising from round bases, with gilded floral decoration & slender, well-cut spears. Condition good, minor wear to the bases. Height 30.2 cm

A pair Moser style, Bohemian, cut crystal and overlay glass lustres, early 20th century, with gilt and painted floral decoration. Height 25 cm

Pair of quality 19th century overlay glass vases with lustres

Victorian pair of blue lustres hand painted with flowers, each with eight crystal drops. Height 31.5 cm

Baccarat pair of lustres each with twelve crystal drops, stamped 'Baccarat France' to the base. Height 29.5 cm

Pair Victorian blue glass lustre mantel vases, one restored. Height 33 cm

A pair of enamelled ruby glass lustre vases 35 cm high, wear to gilding and enamel, chips