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Chopper bike, 'Jesse James' West Coast Choppers

Bratz Bike Lowrider 'Bratz' bike metallic purple frame Austalia, c. 2000s. 106 cm high, 67 cm wide, 150 cm deep

Mettoy (UK), tinplate clockwork motorcycle rider in red-striped blazer and goggles, with pressed steel wheels, extremely rare

A magnificent cast iron Indian 2 cylinder motor bike and side car, with separate rider and passenger by Hubley Toys, USA This superb example features detailed castings, including gilded twin engine, front wheel clicker, spoked wheels and original aluminium

Two 1930s cast iron Motorbikes, by Hubley, USA An orange crash car bike and rider. Length 11 cm, a blue cop bike and rider. Length 10 cm. Excellent originals (2)

Tinplate clockwork Motorcycle and Sidecar. Red lithographed motorcycle, with rider and passenger, orange sidecar, missing passenger, fixed key, marked 'Foreign' (F-G) 25 cm long

Vintage French 'Oscar Egg Motorcycle, original cream & green paintwork

A Sideshow Merri-go-round motor Bike c.1950, probably English. Height 90 cm; length 115 cm

Good collection of motorcycle super bike models, each approx 8 cm long

Follis YDRAL 125cc 1955 motorcycle painted in red

1950s Motobecane D45S 125cc 4-stroke 3-speed hand gear-change motorcycle with dicky seat

A Dinky Toys model 43B RAC Motorcycle patrol, model 37A civilian motorcyclist plus police box and two policeman figures. Provenance: Philips London

Two various German tinplate toys. Arnold streamlined motorcycle with inertia motor; and Schuco Kommando 2000 clockwork car (A/F). Length 18 cm. (Bike)

Bandai (Japan) police auto cycle, battery operated tinplate motorcycle with plastic policeman figure, fraying to wire, repair to hand control, untested, repair to box lid (G-VG box F)

A 1951 Francis-Barnett 'Merlin' 122cc motorcycle, one of Francis-Barnett's first post-war offerings was the Model 51 Merlin. Introduced in 1946, the latter was powered by the 122cc Villiers 9D twin-port engine, which went into a rigid frame equipped with a

Mini Dalia (Spain) Repartidor Leche 1397 3-wheel milk Churn Delivery Motorcycle (E-M box F)

Vintage Japanese Tin Toys: 1950/60's Tin toys including; A.T.C. Monkey on motorcycle; Daiya Bristish Airways friction toy; Y toys aircraft carrier, imitation radio money box, boxing gorilla and more. Viewing will reward. (10 items)

Collection of vintage motorcycle riding apparel, including helmet, goggles, gloves,whistle, bags etc.

Rare Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-8 Sunbeam Motorcycle with Sidecar, chrome plated finish, emerald green passenger seat (M box VG)

Modern toys (Masudaya) Atom batteryOperated Motorcycle Japanese, circa early 1960s, black with printed engine detail, registration number '68342', black rubber tyres, brown and yellow rider with blue helmet and red boots, battery operated front light and d

Nomura batteryOperated Police Patrol Motorcycle Japanese, circa 1960s, white and black tinplate motorcycle with engine detail, retractable 'rial, red light up front headlight, black lettering 'Police Patrol' and 'Police Dept. No.3', blue Police rider with

Marx clockwork police rider with sidecar American, circa 1950s, lithographed yellow and red tinplate motorcycle and sidecar with 'Police' and number '3', police rider with grey shirt and red and yellow trousers and hat, with screaming siren action, missing

A rare Swedish Itera plastic Bike, only in production from 1982 - 1985.

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y8 Sunbeam Motorcycle with Sidecar, rare light gold Issue, dark green Sidecar seat, black Motorcycle seat, in illustrated yellow and blue box (VG box F)

Arnold Motorcycle Daredevil orange-red base, retouched, chips to paint throughout, missing key, unboxed (F-G)

Benbros Salesman sample set, including examples of each of nos. 1-15 including three Aa Motorcycle and Sidecar; 4 stage coach, blue and red; 5 horse drawn Gypsy Caravan, blue and yellow; 6 horse drawn milk cart, light blue and red; and 15 Vespa Scooter wit

Modern toys batteryOperated Highway Patrol Motorcycle Japanese, circa 1960s, white tinplate motorcycle with lithographed engine detail, red 'Police' sign to front wheel, registration number '68342', black rubber tyres, with battery operated front headlight

Pre-war Dinky 44 Aa Hut motor Cycle Patrol and Guides set including 44a Aa box with three signs; 44b Aa Motorcycle, black and yellow with solid white tyres and brown rider; 44c Guide Directing Traffic; and 44 Guide saluting

Pre-war Dinky 42 Police Hut Motorcycle Patrol and Policemen set including 42a Police box; 42b motor Cycle Patrol; 42c point-Duty Policeman in white coat; and 42d point-Duty Policeman in blue uniform, in blue box numbered 'A2214' with inner pictorial dioram

Modern toys Atom tinplate Motorcycle Japanese, circa early 1960s, black with printed engine detail, registration number '65301', black rubber tyres, brown and yellow rider with blue helmet and red boots, battery operated front light and demountable rider a

Bell speed-cop and car English, circa 1950s, grey and red plastic car with giro moto attached with string to a pursuing blue plastic policeman on motorcycle, in plain box with picyure label to lid overall 30 cm long

Mettoy clockwork Motorcyclist English, red and yellow lithographed tinplate motorcycle, registration number 'TT3149', racing number '49', with engine detail and white tinplate wheels, winged logo to petrol tank, rider with yellow top and checked trousers,

Arnold Mac 700 tinplate Motorcycle German, black clockwork motorbike with silver and green engine detail and wheels, 'Mac 700' to petrol tank, brown and green dismounting rider, 'Made in US Zone Germany' to underside, in brightly illustrated restored box

Mettoy clockwork Speed King Motorcycle English, circa 1950s, orange, black, white and blue motorbike with red lettering 'Speed King' to windshield, racing number '12', rider with brown trousers and multi-coloured top, rubber head, permanent key. Length 20

A vintage Tri-Ang 'Gyro-Cycle', the plastic and celluloid boy figure on tin plate bicycle with front wheel drive and 'Precision Gears', in good original condition complete with instruction manual and in original red finished box with lithograph top panel.

Britains Motorcycle group including: 9683 Drag Racer; 9673 Norton Police Patrolman; 9699 BMW racing Combination; 9402 honda Quad-bike; plus: 9782 military Land Rover and 9810 Autoway Tipping Dump truck (6)

Dragster bike, Repco retro three Speed