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A Japanese buffalo horn carp pond sculpture. Height 165 length 20 cm

Japanese tinplate battery operated toy train set in original box with track.

Cherryca no.8 Volkswagen beetle, Japanese, circa early 1960s, green, Whitewall tyres (VG-E box G-VG)

Two Beau Geste (Argentina) boxed sets of toy soldiers, including 127 Ukranian Strelets; 116A Japanese military band (E-M box M) (2)

Rare Bandai (Japan) 343 Ford flower delivery wagon friction tinplate, aqua with chrome fender and bumper, rubber tyres, Ford hubs, 'Flowers for Gracious Living' to sides, 'Flowers' to boot, 'Ford lasts Longer' to side doors, yellow interior (E-M box VG-E)

Asahi-ATC model Pet (Japan) Toyota Masterline 21, metallic blue, dark yellow interior, silver radiator and bumpers, spun hubs, black plastic tyres, unboxed (E)

Cherryca Phenix (Japan) no. 7 Ford Falcon, circa early 1960s, two-tone metallic blue and cream, plated detail, white hubs, grey tyres, slight perishing to tyres, in illustrated green, yellow and red box (E box G)

Cherryca Phenix (Japan) Hino Contessa Phe-1, salmon pink, red interior, white steering wheel, silver detailing, whitewall black plastic tyres, black chassis (E box G)

Cherryca Phenix (Japan) 24 Prince Gloria 4-door saloon, black body, green interior, cream spun hubs with chrome centres - name in English scratched to grey tin base, in yellow lift off lid box (E-M box G)

Taiseiya Co. Ltd (Japan) Hino Contessa Phe-1 1963, rare, dark blue, cream roof and steering wheel, bright green interior, silver Detailing, white wall black plastic tyres, unboxed (VG)

Rare Taiseiya Co. Ltd (Japan) Mitsubishi Debonair, dark green, dark blue interior, silver detailing, whitewall sage green tyres, sage chassis, unboxed (E)

Rare Taiseiya Co. Ltd (Japan) Nissan Cedric, brown, aqua interior, silver detailing, whitewall black plastic tyres, unboxed (E)

Rare Taiseiya Micropet (Japan) no.17 Datsun light van with friction, beige with brown and silver trim, chrome hubs, whitewall tyres, in colourful illustrated box (E box G) Provenance Ex Lot 887, 12 & 13 September, 2008, Collectoys, France

Four model Pet (Japan) models, including 22T Prince Gloria Deluxe taxi; 23 Land Cruiser; 25 Blue Bird; and 26 Contessa 1,300 (VG-E boxes G-VG) (4)

Four model Pet (Japan) models, including 5 Datsun Bluebird; 9S Hillman Minx; 20SP Crown Delux police car; and 21 Masterline (G-VG boxes P-VG) (4)

Yoshiya (Japan) tinplate friction powered heavy duty Chevrolet dump truck (VG-E box G)

Four Helicopters, including Toplay (Japan) tinplate battery operated super flying police helicopter; Nomura highway patrol friction powered Bell 47 plastic and tinplate helicopter; and 2 x plastic helicopter models (VG-M boxes F-E) (4)

Nomura (Japan) army combat carrier, including internal packaging (E-M box VG)

Bandai (Japan) police auto cycle, battery operated tinplate motorcycle with plastic policeman figure, fraying to wire, repair to hand control, untested, repair to box lid (G-VG box F)

Vintage Tinplate Toys: Tn Toys Japanese saloon in original red, blue & mustard finish (with key, in working order); a pair of tin plate coupe clockwork cars in red & blue (one working). c1930s, used but in good condition (3 items)

Three Japanese tinplate models, including Ichiko Stock racing car; Ichiko Police car; and Armoured car Savings Bank (G-E boxes F-G) (3)

Three Japanese tinplate models, including Mobilgas tank truck; new Light Bus Delux; and friction powered Mercedes Benz 250s (VG boxes F-G) (3)

Marusan (Japan) tinplate star fire model, circa 1950s, unboxed (F-G)

Three Japanese diecast models, including 2 x 34 model Pet Honda S800, one yellow and boxed, the other red and unboxed; and an unboxed Diapet D-113 Datsun Fairlady (E-M box G) (3)

Japanese Tea Ceremony iron Furo & Kama Gama (portable brazier & water pot), the pot with a bronze lid

A box of vintage marbles, with Japanese tin wind up cat & ball and fur wind up cat, matchbox covers, tin and worry dolls

Tin Toys: Vintage Japanese Daiya 'United States Coast Guard' boats (2 variations); Japanese Skk 'Nautilus' submarine; Tayo Japanese tinplate Vw Beetle; Japanese tinplate Army jeeps (1 battery & 1 friction). (6 items)

Collection of vintage Japanese tinplate trucks, (6) matching with lithograph advertising (23 cm each) & a Japanese Mettoy 'Transport Express' battery powered truck. VG condition (7 items)

Police Cars: Group of tinplate toy Police cars, varying sizes and manufacturers. Noted c1960s Japanese Cadillac (50 cm) & Oldsmobile (33 cm) Highway patrol car; English made Highway patrol car with lithograph decoration. (5 items)

English lithographed tinplate toy cars (2) & Caravan (c1950s); Japanese Mettoy Co. clockwork Cadillac. Good condition (4 items)

Japanese & English Tinplate Toys (c1960s): Daiya toy 'Power Shovel'; San toy Dumpcar; Japanese tinplate bulldozer, cattle truck & cement mixer; English clockwork lorry. (6 items)

A Japanese wooden model of the Nitto line ship 'Chiyo Maru' from Kobe in a glass sided display case on rimu stand with internal lighting. Length 82 cm

Linemar (Japan) friction automatic convertible tinplate in aqua with beautifully lithographed seats; and Yonezawa MG Magnette Mk 111 friction powered, maroon, blue tinted windows, lithographed inner (VG-E box P-E) (2)

Meiko (Japan) future car friction powered tinplate, red and cream outer, green headlights, one headlight broken and detached with bubble roof; and Yonezawa friction powered Cadillac, red outer, clear windows and movable windscreen wipers (G-E boxes G) (2)

Bandai (Japan) 767 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Sedan, metallic blue with white roof and lithographed wood grain dashboard and interior, detached steering wheel (E box G-VG) 29 cm long

Two Bandai (Japan) tinplate friction with siren red cross ambulances, one 512 Chevrolet, touch up to roof ; and one 544 (E boxes E) (2) Longest 29 cm

Bandai (Japan) 657 camping trailer with Ford station wagon, including green, blue and yellow caravan with dog decals and 2 x chairs and picnic table, and red Ford with cream roof (VG-E box F)

Collection of dolls, including Pedigree doll; Lehmann Tom Monkey; Marina composition Curios Piggy Bank x 2; celluloid faces; Japanese celluloid character dolls, including Mickey Mouse; box of parts and whole miniature bisque figures; Soviet Matroshka dolls

Tomica (Japan) Dandy model VW John Cool Icecream van, mint green and white (E-M box E)