Learn about Royal Doulton Figurines

There have been over 4000 different models of Royal Doulton figurines manufactured to captivate collectors. Production of these figures has been from 1890s (Doulton Lambeth) through to the present day with rarity, age, theme, colour and variations of individual designer determining the value of each figure.

Although Doulton had produced figures from the mid-19th century, production did not really take off until c1913 under modeller C. J. Noke, when the HN (for Harry Nixon, head of figure painting department) model numbering system was introduced for a new collection.

During the 20th century production mushroomed under the guidance of Noke and Leslie Harradine. Take care as some models have variations in colour and size which will have different HN numbers and will often have different values.

The design of figures tends to reflect the taste of the times in which they are made. more...

Learn about Royal Doulton History

The Doulton factory was established in 1815 in Lambeth, South London by John Doulton (1793 - 1873), who had previously been employed at the nearby Fulham Pottery. He initially had two partners, Martha Jones and John Watts, the former of who left the company in 1820, and the latter in 1854.

He began by producing practical and decorative stoneware, such as bottles and sewer pipes from his small pottery

John's son Henry (1820 - 1897) joined the company in 1835 and the production of stoneware items was expanded to include laboratory articles, sanitary ware and drainpipes, which were sold worldwide.

In the mid 1850s John Doulton began experimenting with a more decorative pottery items. Many glazes and decorative effects were developed including faience, impasto, silicon, carrara, marqueterie, chine, and rouge flambe.

From about 1860, Doulton began to revive earlier types of stoneware, such as copies of 18th-century vessels. The famous salt-glazed wares with blue decoration first appeared in 1862.

Through Henry Doulton, the pottery became associated with the Lambeth School of Art directed by John Sparkes from about 1866. more...

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Two Royal Doulton porcelain figures Tootles with Stayed at home measure 14 cm high

Royal Doulton Lady Doulton 1996 Katherine figurine, HN 3708, 22 cm high approx, with signature to base

Royal Doulton Lady Doulton 1995 Lily figurine, HN 3626, 23 cm high approx, with signature to base

Royal Doulton 'Seafarer' figurine, 22 cm high approx

Two Royal Doulton figurines, 'Enchantment' HN2178 & 'Marilyn' HN3002,

Two Royal Doulton figurines, to include a bulldog and a hunting fox

Two Royal Doulton figurines, 'Clarissa' HN2345 & 'Elegance' HN2264

Royal Doulton 'Ninette' figurine, HN 2379, 18 cm high approx

Royal Doulton 'Winston S. Churchill' hand decorated fine china figure modelled by Alan Maslankowski, 1992, issued in a limited edition of 5000, no. 569. Approx 30 cm high

Royal Doulton, 'The Detective' porcelain figure, HN2359 1976, approx 24 cm high

Royal Doulton, 'The Wizard' HN2877 porcelain figure, approx 25 cm high

Royal Doulton 'Day Dreams' porcelain figure, approx 14 cm high

Three Royal Doulton figurines HN1467 'Monica', HN2048 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and Diana a/f, 14 cm high (tallest)

Royal Doulton 'The old balloon seller' figurine HN1315,height eight height 20 cm

Royal Doulton ' Polish dancer' figurine H N 2836, limited edition, modelled by Peggy Davies No. 318/750, certificate and box included, 23 cm high.

Royal Doulton ' Mexican dancer' figurine H N 2866, limited edition, modelled by Peggy Davies No. 456/ 750, certificate and box included, 21 cm high.

Early Royal Doulton 'Top o' the Hill' figure HN1834 by Leslie Harradine, 18 cm high approx.

Royal Doulton 'Wee Willie Winkie' figurine HN2050, issued 1949-1953, 13.3 cm high

Royal Doulton 'Kate Hardcastle' figurine HN2028, issued 1949-1952, 19.7 cm high

Royal Doulton 'Midsummer Noon' figure group HN2033, issued 1949-1955, 12 cm high

Royal Doulton 'The Lambeth Walk' figurine HN1880, issued 1938-1949, 25.4 cm, a/f

Royal Doulton 'Afternoon Tea'' figure group HN1947, issued 1935-1949, 13.3 cm high

Two Royal Doulton figurines Jill, HN2061, 14 cm high and Jack, HN2060, 14 cm high

Royal Doulton 'Memories' figurine HN2030, issued 1949-1959, 15.2 cm high

Royal Doulton 'The Leisure Hour' ' figure group HN2055, issued 1950-1965, 17.8 cm high

Very Rare Royal Doulton figurine, Nude on rock believed to be HN593. Doulton stamp to base. Ref: The Charlton catalogue of Royal Doulton Figures, seventh edition. Listed this as only one known example. 16.5 cm high approx.

Royal Doulton 'Marianne' figurine HN2074, issued 1951-1953, 18.4 cm high

Two Royal Doulton Figurines to include Amy HN4760 together with Windswept HN3027

Two Royal Doulton Figurines comprising of the Wizzard HN2877, together with the Mask Seller HN2103, both signed on the base by Micheal Doulton. 24 cm approx (tallest)

Royal Doulton 'The Judge' figurine HN2443, 17 cm high approx

Royal Doulton 'Roseanna' figurine 20.5 cm approx high