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William Moorcroft was employed by Staffordshire pottery manufacturers James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. as a designer in 1897, and after a year he was responsible for the company's art pottery studio.

William Moorcroft created designs for the Macintyre's Aurelian Ware range of high-Victorian pottery, which had transfer-printed and enamelled decoration in bold red, blue and gold colours. He also developed the art nouveau-influenced Florian Ware which was decorated entirely by hand, with the design outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tubelining. William Moorcroft's designs won him a gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition in 1904.

Each piece of pottery produced was personalised with Moorcroft's own signature or initials.

William Moorcroft and James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. split up in 1913 and Moorcroft founded his own factory nearby. Some finance came from the famous London store Liberty, and Liberty continued to exercise control over Moorcroft until 1962.

Moorcroft's reputation was further enhanced with the appointment of the Moorcroft company as Potter to HM The Queen in 1928. more...

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Moorcroft 'Glendair Carp' vase by Kerry Goodwin of bottle form, from the Legacy collection, in the manner of the early Florian carp pattern, limited edition numbered 72, dated 2012, impressed centenary backstamp. Condition: good, minor wear to the

A Moorcroft limited edition squirrel vase, 1/300. 29 cm high.

Moorcroft Australian Flannel flower design vase, limited edition 198/200, factory marks to base together with Angi Davenports signature, 20.5 cm high approx.

A large Moorcroft limited edition Australiana vase, 'Tasmanian Blue Gum' pattern, designed by Sally Tuffin, circa 1992, of baluster form decorated with flowering gum nuts amongst gum leaves on a blue ground, impressed factory mark, made for E.A. Jo

A Moorcroft pottery Ragged Robin vase, c.2004, designed by Rachael Bishop, limited edition: 164/200, impressed and painted marks to base. Height 25 cm

A Moorcroft pottery Marinka vase, c.2003, designed by Rachael Bishop, limited edition: 234/300, impressed and painted marks to base. Height 36.3 cm

A Moorcroft Tree Bark Thief design limited edition vase, numbered 17/50. 60 cm high

A Moorcroft Green Anenome design Limited Edition shouldered vase designed by Walter Moorcroft, numbered No 1 of 100 pieces, made in 1982, 32 cm high

A rare and impressive Moorcroft Blue Gum pattern limited edition vase, designed by Sally Tuffin. No 1/50. 42 cm high

A Moorcroft Thomas Goode Elephant design two handled ovid vase. Designed by Sally Tuffin and introduced in a very limited edition of 25 pieces. 34 cm high

A Moorcroft King Protea design ovid vase with cylindrical neck and everted rim Designed by Emma Bossons in a limited edition of 100 pieces. 38 cm high

A Moorcroft Blakeney design limited edition ovid vase. Designed by Sarah Brummell. 123/150. 37 cm high

A limited edition Moorcroft Carp design vase. No 66/100. 68 cm high

A Moorcroft Rock of Ages design slender ovid vase designed by Walter Moorcroft limited edition to 50 pieces. 36 cm high

A Moorcroft Ranthambore design limited edition baluster vase. Designed by Siam Leeper 331/400. 27 cm high

A Moorcroft Montana cornflower design Limited Edition ovid vase. 32 cm high

A Moorcroft Dyandra design Limited Edition vase. 15 cm high

A Moorcroft pottery 'Blue Tulip' vase dated 2013. limited edition 26/50; shape 121/14. This design taken from William Moorcroft's Florian Ware. Signed with factory marks to base. Height 36 cm

A rare Moorcroft paper Oranges squat vase, circa 2012. L.E. 9/10, by Vicky Lovatt. Inspired by a visit to Florida. Paper Oranges is a limited edition of only 10. Signed with factory marks. Height 16 cm; diameter 19.5 cm

A Moorcroft pottery Clematis pattern vase dated 1983. Limited edition 83/200. Signed by Walter Moorcroft. Height 24 cm

A Moorcroft 'Odyssey Swan' vase. Introduced 2000, number 121/500 limited edition. Designed by Beverley Wilkes and of carinate shape with a slightly flared slender neck, tubelined and handpainted with a continuous design of white swans above waves and colou

A Moorcroft vase. 2004. a baluster-shaped vase in 'Red Hairy Heath' number 72 from a limited edition of 150, signed E Bossons, painted and impressed marks underside. Height 20 cm

Moorcroft limited edition 'Spirit of Liberty' vase. By Emma Bossoms, #108/200, 2001. Height 37 cm

A Moorcroft pottery 'Uluru' vase, 2005, limited edition production, with factory stamps. Height 10.7 cm

Moorcroft pottery 'Koalas' vase, c.2006-2007, by Sian Leeper, limited edition production. with factory stamps. Height 21.5 cm

A Moorcroft vase, 2004, a baluster-shaped vase in 'Red Hairy Heath' number 77 from a limited edition of 150, signed E Bossons, painted and impressed marks underside; also with box. Height 20 cm

A Moorcroft vase, 2004, a baluster shaped vase in 'Red Hairy Heath', number 15 from a limited edition of 150, signed E Bossons, painted and impressed marks underside. Height 21 cm

A Moorcroft pottery Kulin vase 2006, by Philip Gibson limited edition production with factory marks. Height 20.5 cm

A Moorcroft pottery light on Waters vase 2005, by Emma Bossons limited edition number 90/100 signed with factory marks. Height 20.4 cm

A Moorcroft pottery black cockatoo vase 2006-07, by Philip Gibson limited edition number 154 signed with factory stamps. Height 36.2 cm

A Moorcroft 'Jaraqui' pottery vase, c.1999, designed by Jeanne McDougall, signed limited edition 46/250. Height 36 cm

A Moorcroft 'Comfrey' pottery vase, c.2011, designed by Nicola Slaney, signed limited edition 19/75. Height 24 cm

An impressive Moorcroft limited edition Australiana vase, circa 1994, of baluster form decorated with flowering gumnut leaves on a pale sage green ground. Impressed factory mark and painted S.T.Des 19.4.94, editioned 49/50 41 cm high

A large Moorcroft limited edition secret garden vase by Sian Leeper, 2004, the baluster body decorated with roses, fern leaves and foliage, signed and dated 'Sian Leeper 13-7-2004', edition numbered 8/15 46 cm high

Moorcroft vase signed G. Bishop (limited edition)

Moorcroft tall limited edition vase, 139/200. Designed & signed by Rachel Bishop

Moorcroft limited edition 'Tasmanian Blue Gum' vase designed by Sally Tuffin numbered 88/500. Height 18.5 cm

A rare, signed, limited edition Moorcroft vase 'Woodland Nymph', 143/150, dated 2008. Height 24.5 cm

A Moorcroft 'Bukhara' vase by Shirley Hayes, 2001, limited edition 137/250 signed by the designer. Height 19.5 cm

A Moorcroft Marika limited edition vase numbered 234/300 by Rachel Bishop. Height 37 cm

A Moorcroft Ragged Robin limited edition vase numbered 164/200, by Rachel Bishop. Height 24 cm