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Among the most popular of the English porcelain factories among collectors is Royal Worcester. The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751.

The First Period of Worcester (1751-76) is sometimes called the Dr. Wall period after John Wall, one of the founders and major shareholders. During this period, Worcester was using the formula for soft paste porcelain which was obtained when they took over Lund's Bristol Porcelain works in 1752.

Worcester also introduced the use of transfer printing on porcelain in 1757, which reduced the need for hand painting which was time consuming and expensive.

In 1783 Thomas Flight purchased the factory for his sons Joseph & John. This period led to a change in the porcelain paste used, achieving a much better, whiter body. The style of decoration during this period became much more neoclassical in style.

In 1793 Martin Barr became a partner in the firm. As the partnership changed so did the names, Barr, Flight, Barr (1807-13), Flight Barr, Barr (1813-40).

In 1840 Worcester amalgamated with the Chamberlains' factory, also located at Worcester, but still producing from both works. more...

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Two Royal Worcester figurines, 'But the child that is born on the Sabbath day' Nos 3518 & 3256, 17 cm high tallest approx.

Royal Worcester ballet figurine, 'Tuesday's child is full of grace' No 3258, 21 cm high approx.

Royal Worcester ice skating figurine, 'Tuesday's child is full of grace' No 3534, 20.5 cm high approx.

Royal Worcester figure of a water carrier painted in burnished gilt tones, on a circular base, impresseed & green printed factory marks, stamped '1810' & dated 1909. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 17 cm

Three Royal Worcester F.G. Doughty figures of China, India & Burma, 12.5 cm high (tallest) approx.

Two Royal Worcester lady figures modelled by F.G. Doughty, First Dance & Grandmothers Dress, 18.5 cm high (tallest) approx.

Royal Worcester F.G. Doughty figurine of a girl, 14 cm high approx.

Art deco Royal Worcester nude figurine #2689, circa 1932, 14 cm high approx

Royal Worcester Emily Anniversary figure, 2005, approx 25 cm high

Royal Worcester Sweet Anne figure by F.G Doughty, approx 18 cm high

Royal Worcester figurine 'First Dance' together with a German figure group

A Royal Worcester 'Two Babies' figurine, 1952, pattern 3150, modelled by F.G. Doughty. a delightful porcelain study of a golden haired child playing with a jack russell pup upon a grassy bank; with backstamps, date cypher and pattern number underside. Heig

Royal Worcester figure all Mine, by F.G Doughty, approx 18 cm high

A pair of 19th century Royal Worcester figures, geisha and Noh Actor, circa 1873 octagonal bases, puce factory mark to base, 19 cm high (repairs to geisha)

Royal Worcester 'Keepsake' number 4977/12500 porcelain figure, approx 21 cm high

Two Royal Worcester Sabbath Birth figurines, 13 cm & 15 cm high

Two Royal Worcester figurines, comprising of 'February' 15 cm high and 'Monday's Child' 18 cm high

A pair of Royal Worcester figurines with urns. 25.5 cm high

A pair of Royal Worcester porcelain figures, of Eastern Water Carriers, painted in blush gilt. Shape 1206

A Royal Worcester figure 'Parakeet' by Doughty shape no. 3087 black mark together with a Royal Worchester figure shaped of a grandmother's dress shape no. 3081. Each figure is 7.5 cm

A Royal Worcester figurine 'China', from Children of the World, modelled by Freda Doughty, stamped and dated 1954. Height 6 cm.

A Royal Worcester candle snuffer, 'Diffidence', modelled as the Swedish soprano Jenny Lind (1820-87) with a nightingale's head holding a musical score. Stamped and dated 1954. Height 10 cm

Royal Worcester 'Sweet Rose' 2171/9500 figure, approx 18 cm high

Royal Worcester 'Grandmother Dress' figurine, modelled by Doughty, 15 cm high approx

A Royal Worcester figurine of an Arab water carrier, his robes detailed with a pastel floral hem. Puce mark, shape 1250. Height 22.5 cm

Two Royal Worcester 'French Fishing Folk' figurine, #1202, circa 1912, 42 cm & 45 cm high approx