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Peter Stichbury, stoneware charger, (repaired). Diameter 40 cm

Peter Stichbury charger, (repaired). Diameter 40 cm

Peter Stichbury, stoneware flagon, with ceramic stopper, impressed potters initials to the base. Height 31 cm

Peter Stichbury, rare early crumb brick works salt glazed vase, small hairline repaired to the neck. Height 25 cm

Pat Perrin, lidded jar, with original cork lid and rope, glazed interior on four small feet. Height 12 cm. Along with a stoneware bowl by Peter Stichbury. Impressed mark (2). Height 8.5 cm. Diameter 22.5 cm

Peter Stichbury, tea & coffee service, includes coffee pot, tea pot with cane handle, lidded sugar bowl, milk jug, nine mugs all with brushed decoration and impressed mark. (13). Height 26.5 cm. (largest)

Peter Stichbury, coffee set, includes stoneware coffee pot, large milk jug, small milk jug, sugar bowl, five mugs all with green and brown glaze. All with impressed mark. Along with an oil pourer by unknown potter (10). Height 23.5 cm. (largest)

Peter Stichbury, platter, square stoneware. Height 6 cm. Width 28 cm. Depth 28 cm

Peter Stichbury, casseroles, two stoneware casserole dishes with iron glaze and strap handles to lid. Impressed mark (2). Height 19.5 cm. Diameter 27 cm. (largest)

Peter Stichbury, platter, a large stoneware platter with an iron glazed rim and central plant motif. Impressed mark, diameter 37.5 cm

Leach electric wheel, made by Seaboard Joinery Ltd and modified for use by Michael Cardew on his visit to New Zealand in 1968. Then used by Peter Stichbury throughout his career. Height 100 cm

Peter Stichbury, stoneware wall charger, wax resist decoration depicting three fish on a blue glazed ground

A Peter Stichbury large platter, decorated with a gestural iron sand pattern to the ash grey centre framed by a Tenmoku border, impressed artist's mark to foot ring. Diameter 39 cm

Peter Stichbury, black teapot, stoneware with black glaze and cane handle, impressed mark. Height 20 cm. Width 17 cm

Peter Stichbury, large stoneware casserole dish, with green papa over tenmoku glaze, impressed mark.

Peter Stichbury, stoneware wall bottle, semi matt grey barium glaze with pierced lug supports and original cord for suspension, impressed mark. Diameter 34 cm

Peter Stichbury (attrib.), oil fired square stoneware platter with wax resist brush work, double dipped in tenmoku and green papa glaze, unmarked. Width 15.8 cm, see Peter Stichbury: A Survey of a Pioneer New Zealand Studio Potter, No. 51, p. 52

Peter Stichbury, stoneware pedestal bowl with an iron sand pattern over a tenmoku glaze. Impressed mark. Diameter 29 cm

Assorted Pottery, including a Peter Stichbury coffee pot, three David Brokenshire porcelain forms, a Margaret Symes bottle vase and a Jeannie Van der Putten polychrome painted orb (6)

Peter Stichbury, stoneware footed bowl with wax resist reticular design to exterior, impressed mark. Diameter 16 cm

John Fuller, 'Still Life with Black Bottle', oil on board, signed, entitled and dated 1981 verso. 71.5 x 59 cm from the collection of Peter and Diane Stichbury

Peter Stichbury ovoid vase with scored sides on tenmoku glaze with green/blue papa glaze to neck, impressed mark, 33 cm high

Peter Stichbury coffee pot and lidded sugar bowl in brown and blue glazes with impressed pattern, impressed mark 23 cm. Height 13 cm s

Peter Stichbury lug handled platter in tenmoku glaze with swirling iron sand decoration, impressed mark, 31 cm

Peter Stichbury large floor vase with indented and ribbed sides in heavy green ash glaze with unglazed shoulder band, impressed mark, 36 cm height

Peter Stichbury cane handled teapot in green ash glaze. Impressed mark, 30 cm h. Provenance: Exhibited Osaka, Japan 1970 and illustrated Stichbury book, Auckland Museum 2006, page 61

Peter Stichbury stoneware black iron glazed tall vase with a flared mouth. Impressed cipher. Height 29 cm.

Peter Stichbury. Large cylindrical vase with tapered neck in green glaze with wax resist and sgrafitto pattern. Impressed mark. 39 cm height