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Two various Massim wave Splitters. Both stylised animal form carved wood. Aged patina.

Two Trobriand Island wave Splitters. Carved & pierced wood; 1 painted; the other display mounted.

Early New Guinea Massim horn mortar & pestle. Intricately carved head & torso form mortar, & carved pestle. Provenance: Private Collection.

Papua New Guinea Yuat river wood figure. Figure of man. Remnants of ochre coating. Collected Papua New Guinea mid 1950s. Height 40 cm

Papua New Guinea Latmul large ancestor mask. Ovoid form, bird figure headdress, and shell inset eyes. Length 116 cm

Papua New Guinea Telefomin shield. Relief carved reserves filled with lime and ochre. Twin cane strap handles. Collected 1960s (Burns Philp employee). 163 x 51 cm

Papua New Guinea Yuat river mask. Carved and painted with shell eyes. Height 46 cm

Papua New Guinea Kawawari hook figure. Female form carving. Old losses. Height 90 cm

Papua New Guinea huon Gulf carved ancestor figure. Jamus head. Painted decoration. Height 93 cm

PNG carved painted wooden spirit house on stand measures 77 cm high

Two long carved Asmat carved Shields. The panel shaped shields with hand holds to the reverse, relief carved and with natural colours. Length 183 cm. And 178 cm

An Asmat carving from Irian Jaya. Collected in 2008, a relief carved panel with patterns in natural dark and near white colours on brown, with a barbed spear motif to the centre and surmounted by the figure of a dog. Length 98 cm

An Asmat carving from Irian Jaya. Collected in 2008, a relief carved panel surmounted by a traditionally posed ancestor figure. Length 95 cm

Old Papua New Guinea Asmat shield of a elongated form, incised carved symbols with natural ochre infill, lug handle to verso, approx. 166 cm high

Papua New Guinea Asmat carved board. Relief carved board with lime & ochre decoration. Length 149 cm

Papua New Guinea figure & mask. Small carved male ancestor figure; & deeply carved mask. Age splits. Height 48 cm

Papua New Guinea spear thrower. Bamboo & rattan with carved bird & ochre decoration. Provenance: Bungan Castle Museum collection. Length 86 cm

Papua New Guinea gable figure. Wooden stake overmodelled with clay, fibre & boars tusks, in the form of a figure with outstretched arms. Height 90 cm

Two various Papua New Guinea masks. Sepik area, carved, incised & ochre decorations. Losses to eyes. Length 88 cm

Two various Papua New Guinea carved wood implements. Including yam peg (split); & mortar & pestle for betel nut. Length 45 cm (each)

Papua New Guinea Sepik river carved Birdman totem. On carved wood stand (cracked, as inspected). Height 96 cm (total)

Papua New Guinea carved tree fern. Ancestral figure with horns. Grey & ochre decoration. Break to one horn. Length 147 cm

Aged Papua New Guinea spirit house figure. Dysmorphic head overmodelled with resin. Chevron carved body with many losses & insect damage. Length 93 cm

Two various Papua New Guinea Sepik food hooks. Including double sided crocodile & snake totem; & male figure surmounted by birds. Length 74 cm (longest)

A Papuan New Guinea food hook; carved wood,shell inlay and rattan; 43.5cm high

A fine old Magic bag, Sepik river, this fine old Magic Bundle consists of a finely woven string bag with long tassels, the front adorned with boar tusk decorations and a small wood Amulet mask. Inside there are four ancient bones for divination purposes (I

An early Massim figure, early 20th century, finely carved from heavy and hardwood, this figure is possible a fragment off a large stool.. Provenance: from the famous Australian Artist Nora Heysen (1911-2003), she was in New Guinea during World War I. She h

A Sepik river figure, weathered patina and cowries shell eyes. Provenance: Dr Peter Elliot collection Sydney (1927 - 2014) / Todd Barlin collection. 80 cm

Two finely carved Massim canoe wave Splitters, [2], both finely incised with stylised birds and other Massim designs (one has a small 10 cm repair). Provenance: David Baker collection. David Baker was serving President of the Oceanic Art Society until his

An early & fine Massim Sorcerers staff finial, late 19th century, carved from hardwood the finial has two finely carved full squatting figures back to back, the legs and arms all covered with incised spiral designs and infill lime decoration, below the

A large coastal Sepik ancestor figure, c. 1950's, a finely carved figure with exaggerated bird beak nose which is fully seen only in profile. The type of head ornament worn on this figure was the type men along the coastal Sepik area and Schouten Islan

Stone figure New Ireland, this powerful looking figure has a large hooked nose and two small figures coming off the sides of the head. There is also another small figure clasped to the stomach of the large figure, reminiscent of New Ireland Uli figures. Pr

Splash board for a large Ocean Going canoe, Tami or Siassi Island, huon Gulf, Morobe Province, PNG.. Provenance: Collected by Peter Hallinan, 1982, on Tuam Island, Dampier Straits, Morobe Province, from the owner of the large ocean going canoe Aigilo, carv

A fine Eastern Highlands figure with fine body ornaments & a feather headdress, for similar examples refer to the Stan Moriarty collection at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. His collection was exhibited in 'Plumes && pearl shells, Art o

Basket hook, coastal Sepik, basket hooks were carved with ancestor figures, hung from the inside of the house ceiling by a rope and then string bags with food were hung from the basket hooks, thus preventing rats or mice from being able to steal or spoil f