These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A Royal Doulton figure of a white cat, two small painted Limoges dishes, the largest being 9.5 cm wide, a Rosenthal small painted dish, a Halcyon Days enamel patch box, together with a part tea set

A vintage Summit Shirts advertising photo, black and white, featuring Maori boys playing billiards with sticks upon a packing case.

A rare vintage New Zealand tin sign for D.H. Brown & Son, Brookfield Roller Mills, Christchurch, lithographically printed in colours with the business name above, an image of their five storey brick building and associated 'Grain Store', steam train with c

A Cambell's White Heather Scotch Whisky enamel sign '12 Years Old The Best Scotch' marked lower right 'Made in Baden for Thorne advertising service Glasgow' 91 x 61 cm

A Chinese glass teapot on a stand, 20th century, in semi opaque white moulded glass with a twig style flower adorned handle flowing onto the body of the pot, the lid similarly embellished; the whole mounted on a pierced square form rosewood base. Height 11

Tin American Bald eagle sign, c. 1860, centre crest depicting the American Confederate flag with thirteen white stars on blue ground resting above red and white stripes. Height 66 cm width 187 cm

Group of cards including real photograph of Gallipoli with notation verso 'Sent home by Jack Downie'; Great White Fleet cards(5); Japanese miniature submarines (2); advertising; Military etc. Plus an album of American postcards of New York (33). 90+ items

A good vintage New Zealand tin sign for D.H. Brown & Son, Brookfield Roller Mills, Christchurch, lithographically printed in colours with the business name above, an image of their five storey brick building and associated 'Grain Store', steam train with c

Vintage French blue & white enamelled sign 'Rue De Chantemesse' approx 40 cm

Vintage blue & white enamel French sign 'Parc Boulade Perigois', 41 cm wide

Dutch tin glazed blue and white tobacco jar with pewter lid. Approx height 22 cm

A framed 'White Star Line' ticket office sign for 9 Broadway New York. Height 51 cm. Width 95 cm

Enamel Sign on tin, 'Osram' German Multinational lighting company. Convex oval shape in striking orange, blue and white. Some minor enamel loss to the edge. 50 x 39 cm. VG condition

Vintage Enamel Signs: Attractive lot of automotive enamel signs including; 'Ask for Laurel Kerosene' sign(77 x 46 cm); Plume small sign with distinctive red flying horse (50 x 26 cm); V.A.C.C. Member sign (46 x 30 cm) Very attractive group. (3 items)

Terminal Stop Sign, Victorian Railways. Used to indicate the approach of the end of an electrified section. A white 5-pointed star with a black circle in the centre, 38 cm diameter overall. Minor chipping and staining but still good condition

Pre World War II, rare Nazi party enamel sign in black with red and white lettering headed 'Hier Spricht die NSDAP' (Here speaks the NSDAP) with eagle and Swastika device to head and sections explaining the roles of the party and with sections at the botto

Cigarette & Tobacco Tins: English group of rectangular tins in different sizes. Earlier tins including Otto Rose, Gaiety Girl, Mal- Kah, Ogdens' Guinea Gold, the Three Castles, May Blossom, Richmond Navy cut and Gallaher's Rich Dark Honeydew. Curved tins i

French blue & white enamel street sign, 3 eme Canton, Chemin Des Pouliers, 30 x 50 cm

An Edwardian period Buchanan's Black & White Whisky jug, by F. Beardmore & Co. Height 10.7 cm

An early 20th century 'Goodrich Tires' enamel sign, long landscape form, the white lettering flanked by a 'G' within a wreath and flanked by diamonds in red on a deep ink blue ground, turquoise green border, 'Ing Rich Beaver Falls Ap' in small lettering to

Trams-Melbourne, the classic large tram stop sign: 'Cars Stop Here', black on white with red to top and base, semi-circular and 3D (designed to go around tram pole), 580 x 280 x 115mm. minor chipping but very good condition. An excellent display piece

Corgi dog figurine and plastic advertising sign plastic vacuumed hanging sign finished in yellow, black, red, white; and plastic begging corgi, both unboxed (Vg) (2)

Dinky 1429 break Peugeot 404 Police car white and dark blue, 'Police' decals to doors and rear, yellow roof light, road sign pack including 'rial, leaflet, concave hubs, in yellow and white illustrated box (E box G)

Rare antique carved double sided saddler sign, marked trade mark, carved by H Parker, each circular carved panel in high relief with a bearded man on a bucking horse, 110 x 90 cm. Found in 1960's in Grafton area NSW

A vintage enamelled 'Cyma' sign, the red ground decorated with pocket watch above the word Cyma and a rectangular cased wrist watch, white, yellow, brown and other tones, 40 x 25 cm

Tin: Peek Freans horse racing biscuit tin, 'The Winner'

Dewar's White Label' Scotch Whisky sign: 54 x 24 cm tin sign, transfer drum major print cutout, in tartan colours. Some missing paint but overall good condition

An Advertising Wilson & Co Hygienic Slicer for Wilson's Cooked Corned Beef in Cast Iron and White Enamel patent number 358702, of tall rectangular section on a spreading low rectangular base, the meat slab height adjuster winder to the side in working orde

Advertising Signs: 'Agent for Commonwealth Savings Bank' - 1950s style, 25.5 x 56 cm, red & black on white, single-sided; 1970s style, 30 x 76 cm, black on yellow, double-sided. Believed to have had railway useage. Minor chipping but good condition. (2)

Circa 1920 White Wings Flour Advertising Rolling Pin. White pottery roller with wooden handle. Length 46.5 cm