Learn about Pokerwork

Pokerwork refers to a way of decorating wood by burning a design into it. Even if the wooden object has very little burnt design, with most of the design having been painted, it is still called pokerwork. Thus, a vase may have a very small area at the top with a burnt design, and though the rest of the vase may be painted, it is still classified as pokerwork.

Pokerwork as a technique is not restricted to wood, although wooden objects predominate. The technique is straightforward: a piece of metal is heated at its tip and pressed onto or drawn across the wooden surface.

Repeated application produces a pattern. Coloured to colour the design instead of stain, and frequently stain is then rubbed into the wood that is finally have varnish applied to their surface instead of polish. polished or clear varnished. More sophisticated ways of In other words, they look like factory products instead of burning have been invented for pokerwork today, being individually made. Many Australian and Japanese including the use of a laser beam, but the principle is articles retain their original paper stickers, showing the exactly the same. manufacturer's name. look on the base for these. more...
These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

An Hielco pokerwork vase, with brass slip. Depicting Australian bell flowers and blue sparrow, height 24 cm

Early Australian pokerwork vase. Blue wren & gum leaf decoration. Provenance: Australian collector. Height 23 cm

Pokerwork kookaburra vase of turned elongated form, showing a kookaburra amongst gumleaves. condition good, one scratch to the body, general age related Ware. Height 30.5 cm

Pokerwork kookaburra vase painted sitting amongst gumleaves. Condition good to fair, some minor scratches & wear. Height 35 cm

Australian pokerwork vase and trivet, Height 13.5 cm approx

Large Australia pokerwork vase, with poinsettia decoration, 20 cm high approx.

Large Australian pokerwork vase with Australian floral decoration including flannel flowers, 30 cm high approx.

A pair of Australian pokerwork small timber vase, with koala design. Height 10 cm

A Hiel Co. Ware pokerwork timber vase, with wattle and willy wagtail bird design. Height 9 cm

An Australian pokerwork timber vase, with koala 'Greetings from Sydney' design. Height 13 cm

An Australian pokerwork timber vase, with kookaburra design. Height 20 cm

An Australian pokerwork timber vase, with floral design. Height 14 cm

An Australian pokerwork timber vase, with koala design. Height 23 cm

An Australian pokerwork timber vase, with waratah design. Height 36 cm

A pokerwork vase, with Willi Wagtail design. Height 20.5 cm. (a/f)

An Australian pokerwork timber vase, with leaf design. Height 21 cm

Large Australian pokerwork vase with floral decoration, 30 cm high approx.

Vintage Australian poker work vase, blue Wren & berries. Approx height 15 cm

NZ Maori Chief pokerwork vase, c1930's, rare unusual design, burnt pokerwork decoration, hand painted, with original metal liner. Height 30 cm

Pokerwork globular form vase, decorated with wrens and flowers