Learn about Bible Box

A lidded box, often made of oak or walnut with incised carving, designed to hold the family bible with its record of births, deaths and marriages. They were sometimes set on a stand and were popular in the 17th and 18th century, although there are also 19th century examples.

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Antique Tunbridge ware sewing box, with fitted interior, 25 cm x 19 cm approx ( af to lid and hinges)

Vintage wooden sewing box, inlaid with timber & mother of pearl30 cm x 30 cm approx.

A fine Sadeli Anglo-Indian work box, 19th century, ivory and ebony inlay on padouk, with fitted interior, 12.5 cm high, 27 cm across

A New Zealand timber box, most likely the work of W.H. Jewell, late 19th century, 7 cm high, 18 cm wide, 18 cm deep

A fine Tasmanian work box, huon pine, musk, casuarina, blackwood, pine and dogwood, fitted huon pine interior with whalebone handles, circa 1850, 12.5 cm high, 30 cm wide, 20.5 cm deep

Early wooden sewing box. Inlaid decoration to lid. Segmented and lidded upper layer to interior. Height 10 cm width 35 cm Depth 21 cm

Australian timber sewing box, musk, burr myrtle, silky oak, casuarina, blackwood, cedar and Tasmanian oak, fitted with lift out compartment tray, 19th century, 11 cm high, 30 cm wide, 26 cm deep

Antique 1800's French straw work box, prisoner of War example, depicting a church with a two masted ship approx 8 cm high, 27 cm long, 18 cm deep

Antique French straw work box, prisoner of War example, depicting a church and a small ship, approx 7 cm high, 19.5 cm long, 14.5 cm deep

French Prisoner of War Napoleonic straw work box, approx 8 cm high, 22 cm wide, 15 cm deep

An Anglo Indian sadeli mosaic work box (AF), late 19th century, with interior mirror and lift out tray with turned ivory ink, pots, ivory lidded compartments, cotton reel holders, etc.

A sewing etui in tortoise shell box with ivory and mother of pearl finished accessories, 19th century. 4.5 cm high, 18 cm wide, 8.5 cm deep

A Victorian walnut sewing box, circa 1860s, the parquetry box with a flat domed top, strapped with key fret bands in coloured timbers, and centred with a diamond cartouche and conforming escutcheon of mother-of -pearl with a cross banded surround, the inte

Regency rosewood sewing casket, of sarcophagus shape, with brass overlay, on four ball feet. Height 16.5 cm. Width 27 cm. Depth 20 cm

An Australian folk art sewing box carved with waratahs, wattle, banksia, Sturt desert pea, gum blossoms etc. Late 19th century. 29 cm high, 59 cm wide, 30 cm deep

Victorian sewing box with fitted interior, 28 cm wide approx

An Arts & Crafts style carved sewing box, by Arthur Bertram Meddick 1898-1979. Working Great Britain and N.S.W., Australia. Carved circa 1920, for May Sterena (who later became his wife) with MS monogram carved front of box. the interior has a lift-out tra

An Australian leather work trinket box, signed J.Dale. Height (8)

Vintage carved sandal wood sewing box with lift lid and drawer, on squat cabriole legs, 41 cm wide, contents included

Antique straw sewing box, with a fitted interior, as inspected

A Victorian rosewood and Tunbridge-Ware sewing box. Width 30 cm

An Anglo Indian sandalwood and sadeli mosaic sewing box, mid 19th century, the hinged lid inset with a relief carved landscape panel, internally fitted and complete with original ivory and mosaic inlaid compartment lids and bobbins, 31.5 cm wide note: the

A decorative Eastern sewing box with ornate, intricate penwork decoration of exotic birds, flowers and leaves on a black ground with red interior. 40 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm. Probably from Sri Lanka.

A blackwood sarcophagus top sewing box, 19th century, 18 cm high, 34 cm wide, 26 cm deep

An ebony inlaid huon pine sewing box, Tasmanian, circa 1860, 12.5 cm high, 15 cm wide, 24.5 cm deep. Literature: Australian Furniture: Pictorial History and Dictionary, 1788-1938, Kevin Fahy and Andrew Simpson, Casuarina Press Ptd Ltd, Woollahra plate 80 (

An Australian specimen wood inlaid sewing box, 19th century and later, 12.5 cm high, 33.5 cm wide, 25 cm deep

Early Victorian tortoise shell pocket sewing box with six original fittings and pink satin lining (slight hinge damage)

Antique English brass inlaid sewing box with contents, approx 12 cm high, 30 cm wide, 22 cm deep

Antique English work box, approx 11 cm high, 28 cm wide, 20 cm deep

Mid 19th century Tunbridgeware sewing box with fitted interior and sewing accessories A/F

Antique French inlaid work box, approx 10 cm high, 27 cm wide, 19 cm deep

Anglo-Indian sewing box with bone and ivory decoration on four claw feet. Interior with internal fitted tray. Dimensions 28.5 x 23 x 12 cm

Victorian sewing box on 4 bun feet, with fitted interior, 20 cm x 18 cm, 11.5 cm high approx.

A Victorian parquetry specimen wood box, mid to late 19th century. Decorated with various veneer work, rosewood, maple ebony, satinwood, etc. Height 14 cm. Width 27 cm. Depth 19.2 cm

Antique English satinwood work box, cross banded in rosewood and ebony stringing, approx 13 cm high, 29 cm wide, 19 cm deep

Antique coromandel stationery box, with ornate brass strap work and fitted interior with secret compartment, 19.5 x 10.5 cm, 14.5 cm high