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John Castle-Harris was born in 1893 at North Waratah, New South Wales. Harris made punched and embossed leather table-cloths, often incorporating Australian floral motifs, until he was taught pottery in Melbourne by Una Deerbon (1882-1972) in the 1930s. He is thought to have worked in the early 1930s at the Premier Pottery at Preston, Melbourne, where some Remued Ware is modelled in his style. Later he returned to the town of Lawson in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, where he established his studio and worked until his death on 7 April 1967. Named John, Castle Harris was known, and signed himself, as Jack as well as hyphenating his second and surnames. Pots are signed Castle Harris without a hyphen.

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Wall vase. Australian pottery applied decorated by Castle Harris. Height 17.5 cm

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967). A wheel thrown earthenware basket decorated with a frog and lotus, inscribed Castle Harris, 11.5 cm high, 30 cm wide

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967). A wheel thrown earthenware basket decorated with fish and coral, inscribed Castle Harris, 12 cm high, 28.5 cm wide

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967). A hand modelled earthenware frilled neck lizard figure 1936, inscribed Castle Harris 1936, 9 cm high, 24 cm wide

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967). A rare wheel thrown earthernware pierced lamp with hand modelled base in the form of a fish, Lamp base incised Castle Harris, 36.5 cm high

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967). A rare wheel-thrown and hand-modelled pierced dragon entwined table lamp, circa 1935, inscribed to base: Castle Harris, 49 cm high

John Castle Harris (1893-1967), a bowl, scalloped edged shallow bowl applied with lizard figures either side, coloured glaze, incised Castle Harris. Paper label, 'The Rivkin Collection, Sotheby's' to base, 30 cm long

A fish plate by John Castle Harris, circa 1930s-40s, the Studio Pottery plate with an undulating rim and a randomly pierced reticulated border, centred with two fish in relief, in washed cobalt, plum and yellow green colours upon deep cream; incised signat

A wall pocket vase by John Castle Harris, circa 1930s, the baluster style pot with a ruffled rim and applied vine leaves and fruits in washed green pink and blue colours upon a thinly glazed blue cream ground; inscribed signature verso. Height 17.5 cm. Wid

Rare Castle Harris Barrier Reef plaque decorated with fish and flannel flowers, signed to back, 36 cm X 28 cm approx, plaque has a firing crack to left hand base

Castle Harris Australian Studio Pottery vase with applied vines and grapes signed to base measures 20 cm high

John Castle Harris (1893-1967), a rare studio pottery vase, 1941 the pierced blue grey vase of tapering form with flaring lip, with two loop handles, applied grape and vine leaf decoration, incised 'Castle Harris 1941' to base 41.5 cm high

Castle Harris Flannel flower vase of ovoid ball form with seven applied flowers, signed 'Castle Harris' to the base. Condition good, minor loss to one petal, crazing & age related wear. Height 15 cm

John Castle Harris small low bowl of squat form with applied gum leaves and gumnut cluster to body, underside incised 'Castle Harris' diameter 9 cm

Castle Harris reticulated bird plate, 26 cm diameter, signed to base

Castle Harris: Pottery fruit basket with marine motif. Incised Height 12 cm, width 28.5 cm, depth 17 cm

Castle Harris: Pottery flower trough with three applied goldfish, glazed in blue, pink, green & yellow. Incised signature. Height 9.5 cm, width 31 cm, depth 11 cm

John Castle Harris budgie decorated wall pocket, signed to reverse, 18 cm tall

Australian pottery bowl. Castle Harris. (1893-1967). Flared form with encrusted foliage and a band of pierced decoration, within a scalloped blue border. The exterior with drip glaze pink. 18 cm wide.

Australian pottery basket. Castle Harris. (1893-1967). Flared form with a twisted handle and applied floral decoration. 22 cm wide.

Castle Harris pottery basket. Hand built applied grapevine decoration to pinched rim. (chips to leaves) 1931-1967. Incised signature to base. Height 13 cm diameter 20 cm

Castle Harris (1893-1967), basket with twisted handle and applied floral decoration, 13 cm tall

Small Castle Harris (1893-1967), jardiniere with applied floral decoration, 14 cm tall

Australian Pottery basket with applied gum leaves and nuts by Castle Harris

A fish vase by John Castle-Harris, circa 1940, glazed earthenware, inscribed Castle-Harris, 26 cm wide, (10' wide

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967), a leaping marlin, circa 1940, glazed earthenware, inscribed Castle-Harris, Sydney, 21 cm high

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967), a glazed earthenware fish vase, circa 1940 modelled with two large fish applied to the ovoid body, inscribed Castle-Harris, 28 cm high

John Castle-Harris (1893-1967), a fish vase, circa 1940 the green ovoid body applied with a fish, glazed earthenware, inscribed 'Castle-Harris' 12 cm high

A wall vase by John Castle-Harris, mid-20th century, the tapering body of scalloped outline decorated with two applied swans in flight, glazed in cream and pastel colours, incised signature to the back. Height 26.5 cm. Width 14 cm.

Large Castle Harris ball vase, with flannel flowers, inscribed mark to base. 17 cm high.

Castle-Harris pottery bowl. Flannel flower decoration, green glaze interior, yellow glaze exterior, plaited handle. Signed to base. Chips and losses. Diameter 21 cm

Castle-Harris koala group. Mother and cub. Signed to base. Height six cm

Castle-Harris, John Castle-Harris pottery bowl decorated with applied Flannel flowers. Height 7.5 cm. DepthDiameter 10.5 cm

John Castle Harris (1893 -1967), circa 1940, a low sided rectangular earthenware trough with a pinched rim displaying a diagonal lily pad branched handle upon which a frog in high relief rests, incised Castle Harris to base, 30 cm long.

John Castle Harris, wall pocket, c1940 in the form of a parrot, incised 'Castle Harris' to base. Height 20 cm. Width 35 cm

John Castle Harris, flower wall pocket, c1940 in the form of a frog on a Lilypad, incised 'Castle Harris' to base, retains original paper decal 'The Blaxland Shop'. Height 16 cm. Width 22 cm. Provenance: the Estate of Elieen Wray, Castlecrag

Castle Harris Studio Pottery lamp stand,the pierced bulbous top raised on a trunk like pedestal, wrapped with spirall figuer of a wingned (dragon/lizard) in motled blue green glaze, incised signature, Castle Harris to base. Height 44 cm

'Jack' Castle Harris, koala figure inscribed to base: Castle Harris 20 x 16 x 18 cm hand modelled earthenware of a koala and two cubs