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A miniature pocket pistol, 19th century. 10.5 cm long

A percussion cap canon barrel pocket pistol by Booth of Durham, 1840s. 15.5 cm

An antique pistol grip Flintlock Tinder lighter, late 18th century to 19th century, of typical form with a rosewood handle and brass and steel mechanism and. Barrel length 15.5 cm

Antique Percussion double barrel pocket pistol of about .45 cal.

A pocket pistol converted from a Flint Lock to drum and Nipple, circa 1790-1840, in ebonised timber and steel, 18.5 cm long.

A Flint Lock travelling pistol with folding Trigger, circa 1790- 1820, in harwood and steel, marked 'Liverpool', 19 cm long.

An Italian style Flint Lock Holster pistol, circa 1750-1820, with ornately carved stock, brass and steel mounds, 42 cm long.

A Flint Lock Holster pistol, circa, 1750- 1800's, with ornately carved stock and engraved steel mounds, 54 cm long.

A Flint Lock pistol, circa 1800-1810, in brass, steel and hardwood, 40 cm long.

Antique Percussion double barrel pocket pistol of about .45 cal.

Continental pinfire four barrel percussion pepperbox pocket pistol in about 1.1 cm cal. Turn off damascus barrels, approx 18.5 cm overall with 6 cm barrels.

Continental double barrel pinfire underlever pistol of about 1.1 cm cal, approx 22 cm overall with 9.5 cm barrels.

Tiny continental single shot pistol in .22 RF cal, approx 12 cm overall with 5.7 cm barrel (G or H Licence)

An English Rifled Flintlock Holster pistol converted to Percussion, circa 1820; plain octagonal barrel, half stocked with chequered bag shaped grip barrel length 9', Cal.40; made for the Eastern market good working order note: no Licence required WA

An English rifled flintlock holster pistol converted to percussion, circa 1820; fine Damascus barrel, engraved hammer and lock by Theop Murcott-a well known London maker barrel length 10.5 inches, Cal.55 high quality pistol made for the Eastern market, old

World War II Japanese 'Type 14', Nambu pistol Holster and canvas strap

World War II Japanese 'Type 14', 8mm Nambu pistol (Rendered) Serial 59242 note: with West Australian Licensed firearm deactivation certificate

A Georgian period percussion cap pistol with octagonal barrel and restrained engraved decoration, with ram rod. Faults. Length 31 cm

Percussion cap 4 shot pistol with 9mm bores & turnover double barrels by J. Lang of London, circa 1840.

A pair of flintlock duelling pistols by Simmons of London; with powder flask & tools housed in fitted walnut case, early 19th century.

18th century elaborate Flintlock pistol & another (faults)

Flintlock converted percussion pistol & another dated 1855 with a brass powder horn. Condition fair, some restoration . Length 43 cm

A pair Georgian black powder Pistols, early 19th century military issue. Note: Barrels have been drilled. Length 44 cm

French model 1856 single shot percussion pistol of .70 cal. Complete with ramrod. A good example. 35 cm long

Antique 19th century double barrel pin percussion pistol

Antique pocket pistol, percussion cap pocket pistol, octagonal barrel

Antique pocket pistol, percussion cap, with drop down trigger, octagonal flat chased decoration, interesting repousse skull and spider web mounted patch box

Fine pair of antique French pocket pistols, percussion cap, drop drown triggers, octagonal barrels, flat chased engraving, rosewood handles, with shell caped patch boxes (2)

Antique small box lock percussion pocket pistol by Nock of London, approx 18cm overall with 6.5cm turn off barrel of about .44cal

Pair of antique large percussion pistols by J. Dickson and Son of Edinburgh. Modelled on contemporary pistols, approx 41c overall with 22.5cm round barrels of 11 bore. Complete with their captive ramrods

Good cased pair of antique pistols by Wogdon of London, converted from flint lock to percussion during their working life. Each is 39.5cm overall with 25cm octagonal barrel of about 22 bore. Full stock with engraved steel furniture. Cased with a brass cap

Antique percussion pistol with original rod stamped marks, lion Crown and numeral '3', measures 40 cm long

Antique Flintlock pistol with two stamped marks, stamped serial number 0011122 to brass plate, measures 24.5 cm L

18th century prostitute's pocket pistol, with plate engraved Archer London, circa 1780 measures 17 cm long

Pair 18th century flintlock pistols walnut stocks with brass mounts and fittings, 48 cm overall length, faults

World War I Webley & Scott, London & Birmingham Flare pistol all brass with steel fitting, mahogany grip with New Zealand military markings 25 cm overall length

1920s cast iron pistol senator, by Kenton Toys, USA with some tarnishing. Length 17 cm