A matched pair of silver plate mounted cut crystal claret jugs,…
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A matched pair of silver plate mounted cut crystal claret jugs, each of identical spreading form with identical mounts, but differneces in the cutting. Of cylindrical tapered form, the embossed and chased silverplate collars, with hinged covers and Bacchus masks to spouts and handles, each marked Whitehill, each 28 cm high

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  • Embossed / Repousse - Embossing, also known as repousse, is the technique of decorating metal with raised designs, by pressing or beating out the design from the reverse side of the object.It is the opposite of chasing, where the decoration is applied from the front. An embossed or repoussed object may have chasing applied to finish off the design.
  • Bacchus Motif - The Bacchus motif is a design that features the Roman god Bacchus, who is the god of wine, parties, and celebration. Bacchus is often depicted as a young man with long hair and a beard, holding a bunch of grapes or a wine cup. The Bacchus motif is often used in art and design as a symbol of abundance, revellery, and enjoyment. It can be found on a variety of decorative items, including glassware, ceramics, and other home decor items. The Bacchus motif represents the joy and celebration that can be found in social gatherings and the pleasures of good food and drink.

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