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A standing bronze four armed Vishnu, India, 19th century, wearing a tiara with hair in a high bun, each arm holding, height 32.5 cm

A tall standing bronze four armed Vishnu, India, 19th century, height 51 cm. Provenance: An English collector

An Indian bronze seated figure of Narasimha, probably Vajayanagara period, circa 17th century, sitting in a meditation pose of 'utkutikasana' on a stepped round lotus base, the legs of the lion-head deity held by a 'yogapata', his principle arms are outstr

A central Indian bronze standing figure of Vishnu, probably Vajayanagara period (1336-1644), holding a conch, a wheel, a club and a lotus bud, with attendants at his feet, 20 cm high. Provenance: New South Wales old private collection

A 19th century bronze figure of Narasimha, incarnation of Vishnu as a lion headed deity, four-armed, with attributes a mace, a conch shell and lotus, 20 cm high

Four 18th century cast metal figures, including bronze Sarasvati, Vishnu, seated diety and horseman. The Vishnu is, 12.5 cm high

An early Indian bronze group, Gujarat, 11th century. Depicting Lakshmi and Vishnu riding on his vehicle. 16.3 cm high. Provenance: From an important Australian private collection

Fine 18th century patinated Nepalese bronze, of a standing figure of Vishnu, 17 cm high