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Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Shakyamuni, seated in padmasana holding an alms bowl on a lotus throne. Height 35 cm

A Sino-Tibetan gilded bronze figure of a seated Shakyamuni, Qing dynasty, in dhyanasana on a lotus base above a stepped plinth supported by lions, his right hand extended in bhumisparsa mudra and his left held in dhyana mudra, wearing a sanghati with beade

A Chinese gilded bronze Samantabhadra, puxian, Qianlong four-character embossed mark to the back, Republic period, the bodhisattva riding a kneeling elephant with three pairs of tusks while carrying a lotus leaf 'parasol', all on a single lotus base, 47 cm

Two various Chinese bronze figures. Guan Yin; and Shakyamuni. Height 10 cm (average)

A Thai gilded bronze figure of Buddha shakyamuni, seated in vajrasana, his right hand in bhumisparshamudra, the left resting on his lap in vitarka, 35 cm high

A Chinese gilded bronze Shakyamuni, seated on a lotus base, wearing flowing robes, his hands in dhyana mudra, 15 cm high

Fine gilt bronze figure of a seated Buddha Shakyamuni, 18.5 cm high. Ex crow collection

Figure of Buddha Shakyamuni. Seated vajrasana on a double lotus throne. 6 character marks to top of base. Gilt bronze. Height 29 cm

A gilt bronze figure of Shakyamuni Buddha, late Ming Dynasty, well cast seated in vajraparyankasana. Height 26 cm

18th century Nepalese bronze figure of Shakyamuni in Bhumiparsa Mardra on a Dobule Lotus base. Height 19.5 cm

Chinese bronze figure of Shakyamuni in Bhumiparsa Mudra on a double Lotus base. Seven character mark to back. Possibly Ming. Height 26 cm