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K-6 Mercedes Benz Binz Ambulance K-23 mercury Police car

Two Danbury Mint models, including 1949 mercury club Coupe

Two Danbury Mint models, including 1957 mercury Turnpike Cruiser and 1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner

Mercury Cadillac no.9 model in blue, unboxed (E-M)

Four Dinky Dublos, including 061 Ford Prefect with grey smooth wheels; 065 Morris pick-up with grey smooth wheels; 070 Aec mercury tanker with black Knobbly wheels; and 071 Volkswagen 'Hornby Dublo' Delivery van (VG-E boxes P-VG) (4)

Four Dinky Dublos, including 063 Commer van; 065 Morris pick-up; 068 'Royal Mail' Morris van; and 070 Aec mercury 'Shell Bp' tanker (VG-E boxes VG-E) (4)

Two Mercury (Italy) models, including 96 Autobotte Viberti petrol tanker; and tanker lorry (G-VG) (2)

Two Japanese tinplate models, including Bandai 7658 batteryOperated Kingsize Cadillac Convertible, untested; and Taiyo Bump'N'Go mercury cougar Police Vehicle, untested (E-M boxes P-F) (2)

Three mercury Ferrari models, including Nurburgring N.60; Monza N.57; and Sebring 58 (G-E boxes VG-E)

Five unboxed mercury models, including no.507 Lima excavator; no.25 Autobus Saurer; no.14 Lancia; 49 articulated petrol tanker; and Tow truck (G-E) (5)

Mercury no. 28 Cadillac Eldorado - black, silver trim, cream/pale dark green interior (E-M box VG-E)

A first gear 'Ford patrol car' and a Danbury Mint '1951 mercury Custom' (2)

A Danbury Mint '1968 Plymouth Roadrunner', a GMP '1969 mercury Cyclone' and a '1956 de Soto Pacesetter'. (3)

An Ertl '1940 Ford CoupÉ;' and an Ertl '1949 mercury'. (2)

Two Franklin Mint model cars, '1951 Ford Victoria' and a '1949 mercury station wagon' (2)

Ten various model cars, including Lansdowne, Mercury and Lone Star (10)

10 Brooklin collection models (England), including 2 x 1966 Ford Mustang; 1954 Hudson Hornet; mercury Monterey; 1960 Ford Meteor Convertible; 1939 Buick; Ford Fordor Sedan; Buick Roadmaster; and 2 x Ford Thunderbird; and a Brooklin models pen (E-M boxes G-

Eleven Brooklin models, including Ford Sedan Delivery service; V16 Cadillac Coupe; Oldsmobile Fiesta top up; Ford Skyliner; Cadillac Convertible Coupe; mercury Michelin Parade car; Packard light 8 Coupe; Lincoln Continental; Monarch Coupe; Pontiac pick up;

Four Italian Mercury diecast models, including No. 5 Lancia Appia; No. 21 Ranger; No. 44 Fiat 850 ; and No. 46 Fiat 124 (E boxes G) (4)

Two Tekno models, including 440 Mercury Sedan, blue with red interior and decal to boot, box with 4 x end flaps detached, 2 x end flaps missing; and 731/32 Mercedes-Benz 220 S ambulance, black sides and white roof (E boxes P-VG) (2)

Very rare Matchbox 1-75 Series 62C Mercury Cougar, cream with white interior in E type box, slight Casting Flaw to one side above rear tyre(E-M box G-VG)

Four Dinky Toys including: 157 Jaguar XK120 Coupe red, 421 electric articulated lorry burgundy, 422 Fordson Thames flat truck green, 070 'c mercury Tanker shell Bp all with original boxes general condition good to excellent some discolouration on s few tyr

Two Tekno models, including mercury Personbil 440; and Saab 821 (M boxes F-VG) (2)

Mercury Lincoln No. 5, light blue, green interior, unboxed (G-VG)

Mercury 28 Cadillac Eldorado Italian, black, grey tonneau, white and red interior, in illustrated blue and red box (E box F)

Three mercury Fiats including mercury 19 Fiat 600, cream and orange, cast hubs; and 2 x mercury 13 Fiat 1100s, both blue, cast hubs, all in illustrated blue and red boxes (E boxes F-G) (3)

Mercury 12 Fiat 850 spider Bertone blue, red interior, red plastic hood, metal hubs with black tyres, silver trim, slight rubbing (VG-E box G)

Four Matchbox King size models; K-12 Scammell Mobile crane; K-14 King size Jumbo crane; K-16 Dadge Tractor with twin Tippers; and K-21 mercury cougar, red interior (VG-M boxes G) (4)

A boxed (E) mercury Fiat 132 Berlina #313; together with a boxed (E) Metosul (Portugal) #3 Alfa Romeo Spyder and a boxed (E) Metosol Merc Benz 1113 petrol Tanker #46 and a boxed (E) Metosul (Portugal) Citroen DS19 #2 black.

Two mercury cars; consisting one boxed (E), Maserati 3500 Gt, Art 24, red #66 (M) and one boxed (E) Ferrari, Silverstone, Art 59,green (M).

One boxed (G) mercury Viberti BC5 petrol Tanker, FINA, Art 96 blue (E).

Two mercury cars; consisting of one boxed (G) Dino, Pininfarino Art 48, red (E) and one boxed (E) Dino, Fiat Coupe Bertone Art 63, silver (E).

Two mercury racing cars; consisting one boxed (E) Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Art 4, dark silver (E) and one boxed (E) Ferrari Nurburgring, Art 60, silver (E).

Two mercury racing cars; consisting one boxed (E) Chaparral 2F, Art 30, white (E) and one boxed (E) Lancia Fulvia Coupe Hf, Art 51, red (E).

A boxed Dinky (E) #174 Ford mercury cougar, metallic blue (E).

Three design Studio models; two Ds-10 1955 mercury Sun Valley's, cream, Transparant green and black roof; and Ds-9AMB 1953 Chevrolet Ambulette body by National, white (M boxes E-M) (3)

Dinky No. 63 pre-war Mayo composite Aircraft No. 63A flying boat Maia, silver fuselage and wings, chipped horizontal stabilizer, G-Adhk to upper wings together with No. 63B Seaplane mercury, silver G-Adhj to upper wings; Dinky No. 60H pre-war Singapore fly

Mercury 682N Fiat car transporter Italian, blue cab, black chassis, grey back, silver metal hubs, No. 99 and No. 100 in original faded blue box with illustrated label to lid (VG box F-G)