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A Current English naval Officer dress sword complete with straps and buckle, blade length 79 cm

An American Army dress sword with scabbard, blade length 76 cm

A UK dress sword with scabbard mid Victorian, blade length 81 cm

A Japanese Police dress sword with scabbard, blade length 74 cm

A US Army dress sword with scabbard, blade length 75.5 cm

A W.A. 1979 dress sword by Wilkinson and Police History, blade length 72 cm

A European dress sword with scabbard Origins unknown, blade length 81.5 cm

A European dress sword with scabbard, blade length 84 cm

A Nazi Police dress sword with added SS runes to handle, blade length 80 cm

An historically interesting German naval dress sword presented to Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Rahmlow. Rahmlow gained infamy from a unique incident of capitulation when in August 1941 as Kapitänleutnant of the World War II German submarine U-570 under attack

"Century British Naval ";"Mameluke"" ceremonial swords with ivory handles, brass scabbards, decorated blades."

German World War II / World War II officers dress sword, nickel plated brass mounts, leather scabbard, approx 94 cm long

Captain D.H. Wade-Ferrell World War II AIF collection, comprising of Wade-Ferreells Robert Mole &, Sons officer', s dress sword (with sheaf 102 cm long), a Japanese Shin Gunto Officers Katana sword (with sheaf 101 cm long) surrendered to him at the

Victorian era Marine Officer's sword with dress belt and knot, 19th century, 101 cm

A Royal Navy dress sword with belt and buckle, Queen Victoria Crown, 90 cm

Antique French Naval Officer dress sword, 92 cm total length

A Burmese ceremonial style sword, 20th century large and decorative, with incised figural patterns on the blade

World War II German army officers dress sword with black laquered scabbard, 94 cm overall length

Vintage ceremonial sword with leather and brass scabbard, 86 cm long

Hawkes & Co Victorian marcasite mounted dress sword with scabbard, in the 18th century style, inscribed 'Hawkes & Co London Manufactrs to the Queen'. condition good, some age related wear & tarnishing. Length 100 cm

A British Naval Officers dress sword, with 79 cm etched blade, lion pommel and shagreen handle with gilt metal hilt and mounted scabbard, Ex Norwich Castle Collection

Hungarian, possible Polish dress sword, highly decorated and showing some restoration

A Ceremonial Sword, Toba Batak, North Sumatra, Indonesia, (circa 1900), carved wood, steel, bronze and pigment, 60 cm long. Provenance: Dr Djamaluddin, Medan. Acquired from above by Dr Peter Elliott, in the early 1970s

Henry Wilkinson naval dress sword and sheath, made from leather and gilded metal (leather a/f), 95 cm long total

A German World War II army officers dress sword, Dove head Pommel, framed

A German World War II Navy officers dress sword, and scabbard

Edward VII officers dress sword with scabbard early 20th century with braided sword knot. Length 94.5 cm

A British 'Mameluke' pattern sword etched both sides of blade with florals, British coat of arms and swirls. Makers etch. Wilkinson sword cutters to Queen Elizabeth, ivorine handle. This ceremonial for Brigadier Rang and above blade and scabbard in excelle

English officers dress sword circa late 19th century. No makers mark. Black wire bound shark skin grip and acid etched blade in lovely condition. Queen Victoria monogram on the guard. with scabbard, 106 cm long. Good condition

Military dress sword and scabbard by Hobson & Sons, London, Victorian 1827?, approx 100 cm

Australian Royal Artillery Military Officers Dress Sword c1900, Black wire bound ray skin grip. The Blade is etched and in lovely condition. The scabbard is nickel plated with cloth cover. The plating is sharp and clear with age wear to hilt. 106 cm long.

US Civil War Edged Weapons: pair of original c1860 US Civil War Nco confederate dress swords, both 97 cm in excellent condition (2)