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Two Australian daybill posters, including 'Moonraker' (1979) and 'The Spy Who Loved Me' (1977) (2)

Two Australian daybill posters, including 'The man with the golden gun' & 'Diamonds Are Forever' (2)

Six daybill film posters, including 'Taxi Driver' (1976); 'Ben Hur' (1959); 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' (1951); 'Salon Kitty' (1976); 'The Creature with the Atom Brain' (1955); and 'The King of Comedy' (1982) (6)

Thirteen daybill film posters, including 'Nosferatu' (1978); 'Sugarland Express' (1974); 'Airport' (1975); 'Killer Fish' (1979); two 'The Stewardess' (1969); four 'Hot Connection' (1973); 'Island Fishmen' (1979); 'Hercules' (1958); and 'Casablanca' (1942),

Four Australian daybill film posters, including 'Rosemary's Baby' (1968); 'The Green Slim' (1968); 'Towering Inferno' (1974); and 'Gone with the Wind' (1974 Reprint), all fully folded (4)

Ten daybill film posters, including 'The Thing' (1982); 'Escape From New York ' (1981); 'Halloween' (1978); 'Halloween Ii' (1981); 'Dark Star' (1974); 'The Philadelphia Experiment' (1984); 'Assault on Precinct 13' (1976); 'Breaker Morant' (1980); 'Creepsho

'The Bat' (1959) Australian daybill film poster, fully folded

'Jaws' (1975) Australian daybill film poster, fully folded

'The House of Wax' (1953) Australian daybill; and 'The House of Wax' (1981) one sheet Reprint, both fully folded (2)

Two Australian daybill posters, including 'A Town Like Alice' (1956) and 'Rats of Tobruk' (1944), both fully folded (2)

'Walk Into Paradise' (1956) Australian daybill film poster, fully folded

'A Bush Christmas' (1947) Australian daybill film poster, fully folded

'On Our Selection' (1932) Austrailan daybill film poster, fully folded

Three Australian daybill film posters, including 'It Came From Outer Space' (1953); 'Conquest of Space' (1955); and 'City Under the Sea' (1965), all fully folded (3)

Movie Poster: 'The Overlanders' original release colour lithograph daybill printed by W. E. Smith ltd. Sydney;76 x 34 cms, laid down on linen.

Diamonds Are Forever (United artists, 1971) Australian daybill movie poster. Very good to fine 76 x 34 cm

Journey Out of Darkness (Australian-American Pictures, 1967). And 'Demonstrator', (Freeman-Fishburn international, 1971), Australian daybill poster, both folded, very good to fine (2) both 76 x 34 cm

Two movie posters for the Graduate (United artists, 1968), including one Australian one sheet and one Australian daybill, good to very good (2) largest 104 x 68 cm

Three Elvis Presley movie posters, including Speedway (MGM, 1968) Australian one sheet poster; change of Habit (MGM, 1969), Australian daybill; and G.I. Blues (MGM, 1960), Australian daybill, top edge cropped, poor to good (3) largest 69 x 104 cm

Four Australian daybill posters for Carry on Movies, including 'Carry on Henry' (rank, 1971); 'Carry on cowboy' (Peter Rogers Productions, 1965); and 2 x 'Carry on Again Doctor' (rank, 1969), all folded, very good to fine (4)

Sixteen Australian daybill movie posters, comprising 5 Rko films 'Tarzan's Peril' (1951), 3 copies; 'The Bells of St Mary's' (1946); and 'The twisted road' (1948); and 11 others by Richardson Studios including 'Forever female' (Paramount, 1953), 2 copies;

Ten Australian daybill posters for Tarzan Movies, including 7 x 'Tarzan and the She-Devil' (Rko, 1953); 2 x 'Tarzan and the Slave girl' (Rko, 1950); and 'Tarzan's Savage Fury' (Rko, 1952), poor to fine (10) all 75 x 32 cm

Sword of Valour (Mutual Films, 1924) Australian daybill poster. Starring Snowy Baker, poor, with significant loss and tears, a/f 101 x 38 cm

Three Australian daybill posters for Indiana Jones Movies including 2 x 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', Paramount, 1984, 1 Whip Art Style and 1 Vaughn Art style; and 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade', Paramount, 1989, folded, condition A, 76 x 3

Two posters for 'Back to the Future' Universal, 1985, including an Australian daybill and an Australian one-sheet lobby card poster, condition A, largest 101 x 71 cm (2)

Eleven Australian posters for Walt Disney Movies including 'Sleeping Beauty', 1959, re-issue daybill c. 1970s; 'Alice in Wonderland', 1951, re-issue daybill c.1970s; '101 Dalmations', 1961, re-issue one-sheet poster; 'Peter Pan', 1953, re-issue daybill, al

An Australian daybill poster for 'Casablanca' Warner Bros., 1942, circa 1940s re-issue poster, condition A- 76 x 33 cm

Twelve Australian daybill posters for 1960s & 1970s Comedies