Three porcelain scent bottles, 19th century, the first modelled…
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Three porcelain scent bottles, 19th century, the first modelled as two putti and a fish, capodimonte mark to underside of base, no stopper, the second with two courting figures and a brocage stem, spurious gold anchor mark to underside, the last of rocaille form, finely painted with two seaside figural scenes, Meissen mark to underside of base, 9 cm high, 9.5 cm high & 8 cm high respectively

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  • Putto / Putti / Amorino / Amorini - A putto (plural: putti) or amerino (plural: amerini) is a cherub or cupid frequently appearing in both mythological and religious paintings and sculpture, especially of the Renaissance and Baroque periods and later used as a decorative element in the design of furniture, ceramics, statuary etc. They are usually depicted as chubby males, or of indeterminate gender, often with wings. Their depiction may represent an association with love, heaven, peace or prosperity.

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