Felix the cat by Farnell, c.1925. Appealing black mohair,…
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Felix the cat by Farnell, c.1925. Appealing black mohair, straw-filled over wire armature character figure. Black glass pupils and nose, with long stitch teeth. In the 'Keep on Walking' pose. Black whiskers missing from right hand side and original ribbon showing deterioration. Height 22 cm

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  • Farnell & Co. - Farnell & Co were a British toy and doll manufacturer founded in Notting Hill London in 1840 and were in operation until their closure in 1968. The company was known for producing high-quality dolls and toys, many of which were sold worldwide. Some of its most popular products included teddy bears covered with mohair and rabbit skin, dolls, and mechanical toys. The company's toys and dolls are now considered collectible items and are highly sought after by collectors.

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