Lenci girl felt doll. 1930s tall pressed felt face with…
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Lenci girl felt doll. 1930s tall pressed felt face with straight ahead light brown eyes, accented nostrils and bottom lip, pale peach blush, russet brown mohair ringlet wig. Dressed in a pink organdy full layered gown with ruffed half sleeves and a pleated bodice, white organdy bonnet secured with ribbon around the neck strung with pearls. She is holding a pink felt sewing bag with blue anchor motif. Ruffed bloomer underwear and black felt crossover strap slippers. Original Lenci tag to right wrist. This doll was originally won by Gertrude Alder as a prize for a needlework competition held by J & P Coats Ltd (thread manufacturers) in 1932, hence the addition of a ball of thread and two wooden needles held in her right hand. Comes with a Company notification letter from the advertising department. This desirable doll is in excellent condition notwithstanding the fading to front of the gown. Height 60 cm

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