Bild Lilli doll, German, 1950s. Black side-glancing eyes with…
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Bild Lilli doll, German, 1950s. Black side-glancing eyes with prominent white eye dots, moulded upper eye liner with lashes painted to side, smoky eye shadow, curved high brows, rosebud shaped mouth, cheek blush, blonde hair in pony tail with split curl to forehead, arms jointed at the shoulders, body, red fingernails, painted black stiletto shoes, wearing white cotton knit polo neck top, rolled yellow shorts secured with a blue vinyl belt, hair tied into position with black cotton band. There is a slight rub to the left eyebrow and original slight painting marks around the shoes. The clothing is very lightly display soiled, though overall this desirable doll is in excellent condition. Comes with original packaging stand (no tube) and rare miniature Bild-Zeitung newspaper with Lilli articles. Height 29 cm. Other Notes: this doll was produced by 3M doll Company from 1952 to 1964. Originally sold to gentleman in tobacconist shops in Germany. The Bild-Lilli doll was taken from a cartoon character in the German newspaper Bild-Zeitung. Intended for a gentleman as a party gift and it was thought she was modelled upon the actress Marlene Dietrich. Bild-Lilli was the inspiration for the No.1 Mattel Barbie doll after Ruth Handler visited Hamburg in 1956. She purchased 3 dolls: giving one to her daughter Barbie and the other two were shown to designers at Mattel, who then produced the first Barbie doll in 1959.

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