Hertwig German pet name china head doll 'Ethel', all painted…
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Hertwig German pet name china head doll 'Ethel', all painted features with blonde moulded hair on shoulder plate with moulded collar and name on rag body with china mars and moulded stockings and brown boots 40 cm

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  • China Head Dolls - Vintage china head dolls were typically made using a process called "slip casting." This process involved pouring a liquid mixture of porcelain, called "slip," into a mold. Once the porcelain had hardened enough to hold its shape, the mold was opened, and the newly formed porcelain head, hands, and feet were removed. The porcelain pieces were then fired in a kiln to harden them further and remove any remaining moisture. After firing, the dolls' features such as eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and hair were painted on by hand, and the dolls were assembled with a cloth or composition body, and sometimes dressed in period clothing, and had human hair wigs. The dolls were then fired a second time to set the paint and glaze.

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