An early 1900s silver and mother of pearl baby rattle, a chick…
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An early 1900s silver and Mother of pearl baby rattle, a chick in the middle of a wishbone with a broken eggshell bell suspended from the top, with a mother of pearl teething ring, Chester 1919 by Walter Allen, length 9 cm.

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  • Mother-Of-Pearl - Mother-of-pearl, technical name "nacre", is the inner layer of a sea shell. The iridescent colours and strength of this material were widely used in the nineteenth century as an inlay in jewellery, furniture, (especially papier mache furniture) and musical instruments.

    In the early 1900s it was used to make pearl buttons. Mother-of-pearl is a soft material that is easily cut or engraved.

    Nowadays it is a by-product of the oyster, freshwater pearl mussel and abalone industries.

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