Silver plated stamp box, made in the United States of America,…
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Silver plated stamp box, made in the United States of America, 'Wilcox silver plate Co.' base sides 'basketweave' pattern, plain hinged top with a few dings, compartment t lined with maroon felt. 9 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm high

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  • Basket Weave / Basketweave - Basket weave is a decorative pattern that is often used in textiles, ceramics, furniture and other decorative arts. It is created by actual or simulated interweaving of horizontal and vertical threads or strips to create a pattern that resembles a woven basket.

    In textiles, basket weave can be created using various materials such as fabric, yarn, or ribbon. It is often used to create decorative details on clothing, upholstery, and other household items. Simulated basket weave can also be created using ceramic clay, timber or other materials, and it is often used to decorate pottery, tiles, furniture, silver and other decorative objects.

    Basket weave patterns can vary in complexity, from simple, straightforward designs to more intricate, elaborate patterns. The size and spacing of the interwoven threads or strips can also be varied to create different effects. Basket weave is often used to create a natural, rustic look and is often associated with traditional crafts and folk art.

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