Eric Bryce Carter (b. 1911), pair of bookends, c. 1945,…
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Eric Bryce Carter (b. 1911), pair of bookends, c. 1945, earthenware glazed in green fading to yellow, decorated with applied tree stumps, artist's signatures to versos 'E. Bryce Carter Sydney', height 11 cm width 10.7 cm. Provenance: The collection of Robert Hutchinson, Sydney, labels: illustrated Australian Art Pottery 1900-1950, casuarina Press, Sydney, p. 93

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  • Earthenware - A basic ceramic material that is fired at a low temperature. Earthenware is the basis of almost all ancient, medieval, Middle Eastern and European painted ceramics. After firing, the colour is the colour of the clay when it is dug from the ground: buff, brown and red. It is not waterproof until glazed. Creamware is a type of earthenware covered with a transparent lead glaze. Majolica, faience and delft are also earthenware covered in an opaque white tin glaze.
  • Casuarina - Casuarina, is also known as beefwood (because of its appearance) she-oak, swamp oak, river oak, forest oak and Botany Bay wood. It is a native Australian hardwood, red brown in colour with dark flecks.

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