A signed Moreau spelter figure, after Louis Auguste Moreau…
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A signed Moreau spelter figure, after Louis Auguste Moreau (1855-1919) c1890, large bronzed spelter figure of young male representing 'La Patrie' in a classical heroic stance with billowing girdled drapery, holding his sword high in the air and a shield in the other hand, on a naturalistic base with inscribed signature 'Auguste Moreau' and further stamped 'Fabrication Francaise' to the back, raised upon a circular base bearing the title plaque 'Patrie par Aug. Moreau', height 67.5 cm

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  • Spelter - Spelter was the name given to an alloy of zinc and brass or copper used in the 19th century for statuary and lighting. It is a brittle bluish-white metal. It was used as a cheap replacement for bronze, but being brittle easily breaks and can't be repaired. When finished it can often be mistaken for bronze, but if discreet a scratch on the base displays shows a greyish colour, the metal is spelter, if a golden colour the metal is most likely bronze.

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