Math Moreau French bronze figure of a Huntress cast from a…
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Math Moreau French bronze figure of a Huntress cast from a model by Mathurin MOREAU, 1822-1912, bronze figure of a Young Woman standing by a tree stump, her hair tied in a chignon, carrying a duck over her shoulder and holding a bow and arrow in her left hand, on a circular naturalistic revolving base, marked Math MOREAU Hors Concourse, on a circular stepped plinth, circa late 19th century, height 68 cm, total

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  • Circa - A Latin term meaning 'about', often used in the antique trade to give an approximate date for the piece, usually considered to be five years on either side of the circa year. Thus, circa 1900 means the piece was made about 1900, probably between 1895 and 1905. The expression is sometimes abbreviated to c.1900.
  • Bronze - An alloy of copper and tin, traditionally in the proportions of about 9 parts of copper to 1 part of tin.

    The discovery of bronze in Western Asia in the 4th century enabled people to create metal objects which were superior to those previoulsy possible because of its strength and hardness, and it has been used throughout the world for weapons, coins, tools, statuary and other decorative items.

    It is very fluid in a molten state, and its hardness, strength when set, and non-corrosive properties makes it most suitable for casting sculpture.

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