Lindy Panangka Rontji (b. 1962), Possum Lidded Pot,…
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Lindy Panangka Rontji (b. 1962), Possum Lidded Pot, Hermannsburg, NT, 2009, hand-coiled terracotta clay, with underglaze decoration, marked 'LR898-8', height 33 cm. Provenance: Hermannsburg Potters, NT, Private Collection, Sydney. Certificate of authenticity

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  • Terracotta - Terracotta is lightly fired earthenware, red or reddish-brown in colour, used in ancient times. Fired at higher temperatures terracotta was used in the nineteenth century for decorative vases and similar objects, but rarely for utilitarian goods. Other uses for terracotta include roofing tiles, garden pots and ornaments. Glazed terracotta is known as faience.

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