A miniature, a young child Austrian School circa 1850 signed…
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A miniature, a young child Austrian School circa 1850 signed indistinctly, possibly 'Johramil C855', watercolour and body colour on card, with short dark hair, coral earrings, wearing a white satin dress, adorned with blue bows and blue cummerbund, with white stockings and black slippers, seated on a red tasselled cushion, holding a toy ball in one hand and a silver baby rattle in the other, rectangular with rounded corners, gilt-metal mount, set into plush frame. length 18 cm Provenance: Estate of the late Estelle Gould

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  • Circa - A Latin term meaning 'about', often used in the antique trade to give an approximate date for the piece, usually considered to be five years on either side of the circa year. Thus, circa 1900 means the piece was made about 1900, probably between 1895 and 1905. The expression is sometimes abbreviated to c.1900.

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