Two French straw work boxes, 19th century, the first of…
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Two French straw work boxes, 19th century, the first of circular form, decorated with geometric straw work panels, the other of rectangular form, the hinged lid inset with a floral Tunbridge ware panel, the rectangular box 9 cm high, 11 cm wide, 6.5 cm deep.

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  • Straw Work - Straw work refers to the art and craft of creating decorative and functional objects using straw as the primary material. It involves weaving, plaiting, and manipulating dried stalks of various cereal crops, most commonly wheat, rye, or oats. The resulting creations can be simple or intricate, utilitarian or purely artistic, depending on the techniques used and the artist's vision. Utilitarian items include baskets, hats, bags and mats, while decorative pieces include sculptures, wall hangings, and figurines. The techniques include weaving by interlacing strands of straw in various patterns to create a flat or three-dimensional structure, plaiting and coiling. While traditional straw work has faced competition from synthetic materials, there is a renewed interest in the craft.

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