A Wiener Werkstatte Secessionist brass basket by Josef Hoffmann,…
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A Wiener Werkstatte Secessionist brass basket by Josef Hoffmann, circa 1905, with monogram WW, rose registration stamp, marked Wiener Werkstatte, monogram of Prof Joseph Hoffman, a shallow bowl with ornamental perforated 'Gitterwerk' borders, a tubular arching arm surmounted by a handle with a conforming lattice motif, punch marks to handle, height 21 cm, diameter 20 cm

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  • Circa - A Latin term meaning 'about', often used in the antique trade to give an approximate date for the piece, usually considered to be five years on either side of the circa year. Thus, circa 1900 means the piece was made about 1900, probably between 1895 and 1905. The expression is sometimes abbreviated to c.1900.

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