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Pan American Airways Travel Poster, fly to the South Seas (Clipper), paul George Lawler (American working 1940’s); offset lithograph, signed on the plate, 89.5 cm, 60 cm

Original vintage BOAC airline travel poster, 'Fly to Europe by BOAC', circa 1960, 102cm x 63cm approx.

Theyre Lee-Elliott (British 1903-88), Fly from England through Africa, Imperial Airways, printed by Stuarts, Kingsway House, 1932, 99 x 61.5 cm

Andrew Johnson (British fl 1920-30s), Orient Cruises, published Managers Anderson, Green & Co Ltd, c1930, 101.5 x 63.5 cm

Norman Wilkinson (British 1878-1971), LMS Grangemouth Docks, printed by Bemrose & Sons Ltd, London &, published London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co, 1924, 101 x 127 cm

Fred Taylor (British 1875-1963), Edinburgh, printed by Adams Bros & Shardlow Ltd, London &, published London & North Eastern Railway c1930, 101 x 63 cm

Austin Cooper, (Canadian/British 1890-1964), The Trossachs, printed by McCorquodale & Co Ltd, Glasgow &, published London & North Eastern Railway c1930, 101.5 x 126.7 cm

Travel Poster: c.1965 'Japan' text continues 'Australia's Overseas Airline Qantas In Association With B.O.A.C., Teal and Saa' colour lithograph with artwork by Harry Rogers, printed by Posters Pty. Ltd. 99 x 74 cms, laid down on linen.

Airline Travel Poster: 'B.O.A.C Stratocruiser Speedbird an aircraft type in Speedbird Fleet', circa 1950, artwork by R. P. Hutchinson; 61 x 87 cm, laid down on linen.

Airline Travel Poster: 'B.O.A.C Takes Good Care of You' with artwork by John Worsley dated 1949 in the image [1919-2000]; text continues at base 'British Overseas Airways Corporation in association with Qantas Empire Airways Ltd., South African Airways, Ta

Travel Poster: 1952 Pan American World Airways travel poster 'Fly By Clipper To Australia and New Zealand, Where Summer Spends the Winter', artwork by Jean Carlu & Dubois, printed in USA, colour lithograph: 104 x 71 cm, laid down on linen.

A large British Railways 'The Rebirth of Coventry Cathedral' poster 1957 by Basil Spense. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London SE1. Linen-backed (some warping). 127 cm x 101.6 cm.

A British Railways 'London Country' poster 1924 'From Golder's Green, Finsbury Park Or Kilburn Park'. By E a Cox. Printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co. Ltd, London. Linen-backed. 101.6 cm x 63 cm.

Scarfe, Gerald (British b.1936) three posters, Princess Anne, Lord Snowdon; Roddy McDowell (?). Hand signed. Also signed exhibition poster. 49 x 37 cm

Sir Robert Peel: British Prime Minister (1834-35 & 1841-46), noted for founding the modern police force. Good signature on piece, window mounted with lithograph portrait; plus etching portrait of of Sir Thomas Lawrence.

C1960s group of travel posters. BOAC, British Airways, Alitalia (4). Varying sizes, some soiling and rough edges. Condition B. (6 items).

1950s Qantas 'Japan' travel poster. Woman in Kimono. 'Australia's Overseas Airline. In association with B.O.A.C and TEAL'. Lithograph. 97 x 70 cm

Lucian Freud British arts Council Exhibition poster, girl with hand on knee, 1980 90 cm x 60 cm

A vintage travel poster, 'Africa. Fly There by B.O.A.C.', depicting a simple stylised zebra and buffalo on a dark teal ground. 105 cm x 63.5 cm

Hassall, John (British 1868-1948). 'Andrews Liver Salt,' 1925. Lithograph 47 x 35 cm

1930 British Rail travel poster 'Lincoln, on the London and North Easter Railway of England and Scotland', artwork by Gordon Mitchell Forsyth (1879-1952), printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London, colour lithograph, backed on linen, 125 x 100 cm. Condition A

'Careless Talk Costs Lives. You Never Know Who's Listening!' British anti-rumour/gossip campaign poster for the Ministry of Information. Artwork by Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird). Laid down on linen. Condition: B-. 75 x 51 cm

c1964 'Fly Qantas, British Exhibition Australia 1964' three coloured screen print, size 48 x 37 cm, slight crease to top left corner otherwise condition A; 'Qantas Merry Christmas Australia's Round-the-World Airline' colourful screen printed poster, size 7

Travel Posters: c1935 Czech National Railways 'Karlstejn Castle/Czechoslovakia', artwork by Yiri Kojina, lithographed in colours (62 x 100 cm); c1960s Japan Tourist Association (2) - 'Jet By Boac, Japan, Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple, Nara' & 'Jet By Boac

A BOAC to Africa Tourism poster by Eric Pulford, circa 1960. a 1 cm tear to side. Height 76 cm. Width 50 cm

A BOAC to USA Tourism poster for the 1961 New York world's Fair. Height 76 cm. Width 51 cm

New Zealand: c1970s travel posters (3) - 'New Zealand, Fly There By Boac. Boiling Lakes of Waimangu'; 'New Zealand. Boiling Lakes of Waimangu'; 'New Sights, New Thrills, New Friends, New Zealand'. Various sizes. Condit: B. (3 items)

1932 London Transport poster, 'Antiquities at the British Museum, Nearest Underground Stations, British Museum, Holborn', artwork by Austin Cooper (1890-1964), lithograph in colours, printed by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, linen-backed, size 63 x 101 cm. Con

Travel posters: c1970s travel posters, noted 'Australia/ Fly Qantas. Australia's Round-The-World Airline', showing Surfers Paradise, Sydney Cove and Ayer's rock (63 x 98 cm); 'Hawaii/ Fly Qantas. Australia's Round-The-World Airline' (63 x 98 cm); 'Hawaii-U

C1980s travel poster 'British Airways Concorde', printed in England by Ial, colour process lithograph, linen-backed, size 64 x 101 cm

1957 travel poster 'Africa, Fly There By BOAC. British Overseas Airways Corporation', artwork by Dick Negus and Philip Sharland, printed in great Britain, colour screenprint, linen-backed, size 63 x 101 cm

C1946 travel poster 'BOAC/ It's a Small World By Speedbird. British Overseas Airways Corporation in Association with Qantas Empire Airways, South African Airways, Tasman Empire Airways', marked in lower right corner '46/359/7m/11/47/Lpe' colour process lit

1939 travel poster 'Qantas Empire Airways/An Imperial Flying-Boat, Speed with Spacious Comfort, Smoking Room, Promenade Deck, 4 Engines/Imperial Airways', printed in England by Ben Johnson & Co.Ltd, York, and Published in England by Imperial Airways, offse

Australia: circa 1960s-70s travel posters - 'Beach Girl. New South Wales, Australia'; 'Jenolan Caves, New South Wales'; 'Australia, Lifeguards at Sydney's Bondi Beach' (linen-backed), ; 'BOAC/ Australia/ a Snack For a Friendly Koala at the Sir Colin Macken

World War II Anglo-Soviet propaganda poster, 'Meeting Over Berlin', artwork by Kukriniksy showing British and Russian 'roplanes bombing Berlin, printed by Stafford & Co., Nottingham, size 51 x 77 cm. Condition A-

C1960s BOAC travel poster 'Now Via New York, San Francisco, Hawaii and Fiji, BOAC', showing cattle droving scene within map of Australia, printed in great Britain, 'No.49', colour process lithograph, linen-backed, 64 x 101 cm. Condition A.

C1960s Qantas travel posters - 'Qantas Airways, New Caledonia '; 'Qantas Airways, Vienna'; 'Qantas Airways, Amsterdam'; 'Qantas Airways, Germany'; 'Qantas Airways, Philippines'; 'Qantas Airways, Fiji'; 'Qantas Airways, San Francisco'; 'Qantas Airways, Tahi

C1953 BOAC and Qantas travel poster showing cricketer 'Australia, Fly, There By B.O.A.C and Qantas', printed in great Britain, colour process lithograph, size 51 x 76 cm. Condition A

Qantas travel posters - 'Qantas Airways, New Caledonia '; 'Qantas Airways, Vienna'; 'Qantas Airways, amsterdam'; 'Qantas Airways, Germany'; 'Qantas Airways, philippines'; 'Qantas Airways, Fiji'; 'Qantas Airways, San francisco'; 'Qantas Airways, tahiti'; 'Q

1960s Qantas travel poster 'Europe. Australia's Overseas Airline - Qantas - in Association with B.O.A.C, Teal and S.A.A.', artwork by Harry Rogers showing St Bernard dog, Super Constellation silhouette top right, printed in Australia by posters Pty Ltd, li

1946 travel poster 'B.O.A.C, Britain - Australia by the kangaroo service, in Association with Q.E.A.', artwork by Harold Foster, printed in great Britain, lithograph in colours, linen-backed, size 51 x 76 cm