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1968 Jimmy Hendrix 'Explosion' poster, by Martin Sharpe, printed by Big O posters inc, photo taken by Linda Eastman, 93 cm X 70 cm

Pan American Airways Travel Poster, fly to the South Seas (Clipper), paul George Lawler (American working 1940’s); offset lithograph, signed on the plate, 89.5 cm, 60 cm

A vintage Victorian 'Colemans Starch' advertising poster, twin young girls in period dress standing on a wooden box. Paper stuck on a linen backing with wooden stretchers. Dimensions 73 cm x 9 cm.

A 'Bazar de magia' spirit clock dial, plus eight poster copies of Phonographs, the spirit clock dial new in box with photocopies of 'Edison,' 'Victorola' and vintage, gramophone machines (water damage).

A 'Carter the Mysterious' framed poster, showing five colour special lithographic printing. Dimensions 31 cm x 4 cm

A framed 'Dividing a lady in two' original poster and 'The great Benyon' magician poster, the 20th century miracle, C. 1920. Dimensions 78 cm x 1 cm. The original 'Bam-Boo-Zalem' dated 1948, paper on hardboard. Dimensions 68 cm x 9

A very stylish Paul Colin 'La Revue Negre' music hall poster, Paris 1925 Champs Elysees. Paper laid on thick cardboard. Printed H. Chachoin Paris 1925. Dimensions overall 102 cm x 6 cm.

A vintage magician poster 'The great Lyle', lithograph on paper laid on a framed hardboard panel. Dimensions 77 cm x 1 cm.

A framed 'Virgils' magicana show poster, paper laid down on hardboard and framed. Featuring 'Julie the sweetheart of magic' and the Indian rope trick. Printed by W.E. Smith Ltd, Sydney. Dimensions 99 cm x 4 cm

A rolled paper vintage magician poster 'Sorcar - the Worlds Greatest magician', by Asy litho works, Madras. Dimensions 2,20 cm x 00 cm

Advertising Poster: c. 1930 'Tasmanian Carrots & Parsnips', colour lithograph, laid down on linen, 14.5 x 75 cms

1892 theatre poster 'Three Hats, Slightly Mixed', at the Alexandra Theatre, Derby Night, 29th October 1892, lithographed by Troedel & Co. Melbourne, window mounted, framed & glazed, overall 64 x 96 cm. {The Alexandra Theatre was opened in 1886. In 1900 it

1928 bill Jones poster no.48 showing boxing, 'A Winner Never Quits! a Quitter Never Wins! Another Try May Win - Keep Trying, Bill Jones', published by Parker-Holladay Co, London, size 56x71 cm. Fair/good condition.

Edward Price of Wales Haeremai Welcome poster A. R. Hornblow (printer) 1920 Wellington framed and very rare 575mm (height) x 444mm (length)

Bellarine Peninsula Real Estate Posters: 1918 'Merlin Hill Estate, St.Albans' and c.1925 'Subdivision of Land at Barwon Heads'. (2) colour lithographs with maps.,

Listen to history being made with a Stromberg Carlson Radio poster, approx 46 cm x 33 cm

An early 20th century poster, Canadian-Australasian Royal Mail Line, mounted in a timber roll frame, signed in print A.H.Hider, fair condition with age related ware

Stock-Cars, Suze A LA GENTIANE framed poster, approx 60 cm x 40 cm

A World War II AIF Recruitment poster by James Northfield, 'Join the AIF This Is Serious!...Enlist Now', the World War II coloured offset lithograph depicting a man hurriedly changing from civilian dress into army issue; with signature of Northfiel

Original vintage BOAC airline travel poster, 'Fly to Europe by BOAC', circa 1960, 102cm x 63cm approx.

Francisco de A Gali (Spanish 1880-1965), Exposicion Internacional de Barcelona 1929, 110 x 72.5 cm

Joaquim Martra-Belbe (Spanish), Montserrat, Barcelona-Espana, printed by Riesset S/A Barcelona, c1930, 96 x 63 cm

Severo Pozzati [Sepo] (Italian 1895-1983), All Roads Lead to Rome, printed by Stampatonelle, Off. Graf Coen & C -, Milano & published by ENIT-Italian State Tourist, Department, 1936, 100 x 62 cm

Visit Johannesburg the Wonder City, printed by William Brown & Davis Ltd. Durban, Issued by the Johannesburg Publicity Association, and the S.A.R. & H., c1940, 100 x 64 cm

Theyre Lee-Elliott (British 1903-88), Fly from England through Africa, Imperial Airways, printed by Stuarts, Kingsway House, 1932, 99 x 61.5 cm

Andrew Johnson (British fl 1920-30s), Orient Cruises, published Managers Anderson, Green & Co Ltd, c1930, 101.5 x 63.5 cm

Norman Wilkinson (British 1878-1971), LMS Grangemouth Docks, printed by Bemrose & Sons Ltd, London &, published London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co, 1924, 101 x 127 cm

Fred Taylor (British 1875-1963), Edinburgh, printed by Adams Bros & Shardlow Ltd, London &, published London & North Eastern Railway c1930, 101 x 63 cm

Austin Cooper, (Canadian/British 1890-1964), The Trossachs, printed by McCorquodale & Co Ltd, Glasgow &, published London & North Eastern Railway c1930, 101.5 x 126.7 cm

Australia World War II recruiting poster, approx 75 x 50 cm. 'Make her proud to say….'we're engaged' 'Join the A.I.F.' An original poster in exceptional condition

Australian World War II recruiting counter poster 'How proud they'll be to pass around your snaps' Join the A.I.F. An original poster in exceptional condition.

Australian World War II recruiting counter poster 'Make her proud to say 'My Son overseas' Join the A.I.F.' An original poster in exceptional condition, approx 37 x 24 cm

Australian World War II recruiting counter poster 'Your Country needs YOU! Join A.I.F' An original poster in exceptional condition, Approx 60 cm high, 45 cm wide, 12 cm deep

Australian World War II recruiting counter poster 'How she'll prize your letters from overseas. Join the A.I.F.' An original poster in exceptional condition. Approx 37 x 24 cm

Art in the Mail Poster c.1970-80, poster (2), 46 x 76 cm (each). Other Notes: organized by the Manuwatu Art Gallery, New Zealand

New Zealand Railways Studio, 'Protect your Native birds and Forests' poster, 1960s, issued by Forest and bird Protection Society, depicting a tui sitting on a kowhai branch. 88 cm x 57 cm

Rare Australian World War I poster, approx 74 cm x 51 cm 'Before Sunset Buy a WAR LOAN BOND' A most powerful and colourful original poster in exceptional condition.

Rare Australian World War I poster, approx 74 cm x 51 cm. 'His future is in your hands!' A most powerful and emotive original poster in exceptional condition.

Rare Australian World War I poster, approx 51 cm x 76 cm 'Your weapons Against Germany. STRIKE HARD!' A most powerful and colourful original poster in exceptional condition

Pair of Blue Mountains Tourism Silkscreen posters i) 'We're Expecting You' c.1948 by Booker ii) 'See for Yourself...' c. 1949 by Henri Roussel 101 x 75 cm (each) other notes: the National Gallery of Australia and the National library of Australia, Canberra