Cigarette trade cards were small collectible cards that were included in cigarette packs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a marketing tool by cigarette manufacturers to boost brand loyalty. These cards were issued in sets, and the earliest known set is from the 1880s. They featured a wide range of subjects, including sports figures, actresses, military leaders, and landscapes. The cards were so popular that they became a hobby for many people, who collected them and traded them with others. In the 1930's albums were prooduced for collectors to store and display their sets. The production of cigarette cards was eventually discontinued in the 1940s as the popularity of cigarettes began to decline.

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1930 Plumridge's Confectionary 'Australian Cricketers' [7/15…

Rare Australian Cricketers Confectionary Cards, Including Don Bradman

1930 Plumridge's Confectionary 'Australian Cricketers' [7/15 known - including one of the rarest Don Bradman cards]. Fair/VG. {Very scarce - Deadman lists 11, Harris & Seymour list 4 more and varieties from three printings}.

1930 Plumridge's Confectionary 'Australian Cricketers' [15].…

Plumridge's Australian Cricketers Confectionary Cards

1930 Plumridge's Confectionary 'Australian Cricketers' [15]. G/VG. {very scarce - the Deadman catalogue lists 11, Harris & Seymour list 4 more & some varieties}.