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The 'North Melbourne 'Kangaroos' Premiership Poster by Weg, The 1975 original Weg poster for the winning team. 66 x 49.5 cm. William Ellis Green Oam (1923 ? 2008), who signed his cartoons Weg, was a newspaper editorial cartoonist and illustrator who drew t

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Lance Franklin, display, comprising signed football boot, window mounted with 2 Hawthorn action Photos, framed & glazed, overall 99X56 cm.

1953 Argus '1953 Football Portraits', large size (11 x 19cm), the complete set of Hawthorn players [6/72]. G/VG.

Nick Riewoldt's St.Kilda Jumper, match worn from Round 16 2008 v Hawthorn, with number '12' on reverse & signature on front. With St.Kilda Fc CoA & photo of Nick wearing jumper & Silk-Miller medal for best on ground.

Football Autographs: Signed displays for Murray Weideman, Gary Ayres, Peter Daicos, Robert Walls, Greg Williams, Mark Bickley, hawks flag signed Graham Arthur, 2016 Knights poster signed Easton Wood.

1987 'Football Record's, Noted Home & Away (25), Finals (5) & Grand Final - Carlton V Hawthorn. Fair/G Condition.

1975 'Football Record's, Noted Home & Away (23), Finals (5) & Grand Final - North Melbourne V Hawthorn. Fair/G Condition.

1971 'Football Record's, Noted Home & Away (23), 1st Semi Final, 2nd Semi Final, Preliminary Final & Grand Final - Hawthorn V St.Kilda. Fair/G Condition.

1961 'Football Record', Grand Final - Hawthorn v Footscray. Good condition. [Hawthorn's 1st Premiership].

1988 Grand Final - Hawthorn v Melbourne, posters 'Look For, 'The Sun', Color Specials, Saturday & Monday';plus 'Your Sun Saturday Souvenir' with colour team pictures of Heroic Hawks & Demon Destroyers.

Hawthorn: 1983 Premiership poster from 'The Sunday Observer' signed by all 20 players & coach, block mounted & laminated, overall 40x60 cm.

Hawthorn: 1975 losing Weg poster. Fair/good condition (minor peripheral faults). [very scarce, as north Melbourne won the Grand Final].

Hawthorn: 1971 original Weg poster. Fair/good condition (some chidish scribble).

Hawthorn: 1971 original Weg poster. Fair/good condition.

Hawthorn: central portion of 1963 losing Weg poster (without 'Herald' & 'Premiers'). Fair/Good Condition.

Hawthorn: gold & enamel badge 'Hawthorn/ Old Players & Officials Assn' with year number '53' inserted, made by K.G.Luke.

Hawthorn: autograph page signed by 1934 team, with 22 pencil signatures including Bert Mills & Bert Chandler.

1954 Fyna Foods 'Victorian Footballer Caricatures' [5/24] with club colours at base, no.2 N.Broderick (Fitzroy), 10. F.Flanagan (Geelong), 16.B.Wilson (Richmond), 22.B.Phillips (St.Kilda) & 23.N.Pearson (Hawthorn). Fair/G. Rarity 8

Hawthorn: 'Hawthorn Football Club, Ultimate Hawks Premiership Team', display with print by Jamie Cooper, signed by the artist and numbered 'Player's edition', window mounted with 26 signatures (4 facsimile), framed & glazed, overall 118 x 89 cm

Hawthorn: 'Hawthorn Football Club - 2008 AFL Premiers' display comprising signed photos of Sam Mitchell & Alistair Clarkson, window mounted with photo of players celebrating, framed & glazed, overall 87 x 47 cm

Shane Crawford (Hawthorn), signature on Hawthorn jumper, window mounted with two action photos & plaque 'Hawthorn Football Club, Shane Crawford #9, Testimonial year 2002', framed & glazed, overall 86 x 115 cm

Hawthorn: 1988 & 1989 original Weg posters. Fair/good condition

Robert Dipierdomenico's Hawthorn lace-up jumper, brown & gold, with number '9' on reverse, made by Sekem

Robert Dipierdomenico's Hawthorn jumper, brown & gold, with collar, VFL & 'HFC Finance' badges on front, and number '9' on reverse, from mid 1980s, made by Sekem. Repair on reverse where jumper torn in a scuffle

Robert Dipierdomenico's Hawthorn jumper, brown & gold, with VFL & 'HFC Finance' badges on front, and number '9' on reverse, from mid 1980s, made by Polwarth

Hawthorn: 1971 original Weg poster. Fair/good condition

Hawthorn: 1961 original Weg poster. Fair/good condition

Jim Jackson (St.Kilda, Collingwood & Hawthorn), original World War I photograph of Jim Jackson in uniform. [Jackson played 1 game for St.Kilda in 1909, 93 games for Collingwood 1910-15 && 1920, and 75 games with Hawthorn 1921-26. When Hawthorn joined the V

Jason Dunstall (Hawthorn): Jason Dunstall's Allies No.19 jumper from the 1995 season.

Hawthorn: 1976 & 1978 original Weg posters. The 1976 Fair, 1978 Good condition.

Hawthorn: 1971 Premiers medal, bronze, with on front 'Victorian Football League/ 1971 Premiers, Hawthorn F.C.', and on reverse 'Brownlow Medallist, 1971, Ian Stewart - Richmond F.C.', numbered '158' on rim, made by Stokes in original box. Plus 1956 Centena

Hawthorn: 1971 original Weg poster. Good condition.

Melbourne & Hawthorn: 1960 'The Demons Sports Review, Souvenir Programme' with 22 pencil signatures including Ron Barassi, John Beckwith & Laurie Mithen. plus 'Hawthorn Football Club. Trip to Sydney 1964, Souvenir Itinerary'.

Football Group, noted 1953-2011 'Football Record's (20) including 1953 Coronation Day & Grand Finals (4). 1965 Mobil 'Footy Cards' [40]. 1970s membership cards including Port Melbourne, McKinnon (4) & Moorabbin. various cheer squad badges with St.Kilda (2)

Football Group, noted c1948-51 Hawthorn Old Boys Fc photo album with team photos (6) & other photos (33). team photos of Northcote Central School 1925 & Croxton Fc 1932. 1955 Camberwell Fc trip to Mildura itineraries (2 - one signed) & programme. c1959-63

Weg Cartoons: Original Weg cartoons (3), one showing Malcolm Fraser as Carlton's No.1 supporter, one showing Australia II crew going to Grand Final Bombers v Hawks, other showing Bob Hawke nominating yachtsmen for Honors List, all framed

1963 'Football Record's including 2nd Semi Final, Prelim Final & Grand Final (Geelong v Hawthorn). Fair/Good condition

1961 'Football Record's including 1st Semi Final, 2nd Semi Final, Prelim Final & Grand Final (Hawthorn v Footscray). Fair/Good condition. [Hawthorn's 1st Premiership]

1950 Argus Weekend magazine 'Colour Team Photos' [7/18] - Fitzroy, Footscray, Hawthorn, St.Kilda, Brighton, Oakleigh & Port Melbourne. Fair/G

Football Books, noted 'Tigerland - The History of the Richmond Football Club', 'The Road to Kardinia - The Story of the Geelong Football Club', 'The Hard Way - The Story of the Hawthorn Football Club', 'Flying Higher - History of the Essendon Football Club

Hawthorn: Original Weg posters for 1988, 1989 & 1991. Fair/Good condition