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'Lovely Lindeman. An Island Jewel in A Coral Sea', c.1930s colour lithographic travel poster, initialled 'Wb' in image lower right, backed on linen. Condition: A-., 100 x 62.5 cm. Text continues 'For sunny carefree holidays lovely Lindeman. Big game fishin

Australian tourist Commission poster, 'Australia/ Australian Rules - an Exciting Brand of football', photograph by David Beal, printed in Australia by the Griffin press, Adelaide, size 63 x 102 cm

1984-86 promotional posters, 'John Olsen, Adelaide Festival 1984, Tynte gallery, Adelaide', photo by Jan Dalman, colour offset, signed by John Olsen and dated '84', size 65 x 101 cm. Plus 'Dave Nancy, Maitres Verriers, Glaskunt Der Zeit 1892-1935', colour

Poster, 'Adelaide calling/holiday Attractions all the year round,' published by Govt. Publicity and tourist bureau South Australia. 101 x 63 cm

1938 poster 'Glenelg, (South Australia), Commemoration day, sports, Wednesday, Dec.28th, 1938, (Pounds)150 prize money (Pounds)150' with list of athletics and sailing events printed by McAlister & Co, Adelaide, overall 38 x 66 cm. Condit.A

1960 promotional poster, 'The Adelaide Festival of Arts, South Australia, 12-26 March 1960', artwork by Douglas Annand (1903-76), colour offset, printed by the Griffen press, Adelaide, linen-backed, 64 x 101 cm. Superb poster from the very first Adelaide F